Sardar Masood, Lord Nazir Ahmed and Mayor Ishrat urge international community to resolve Kashmir issue


ISLAMABAD: In a joint press conference here on Monday (9th April), AJK President Sardar Masood Khan, visiting Lord Nazir Ahmed and Mayor of Slough Ishrat Naz Shah urged the international community to come forward and resolve the Kashmir issue and help the Kashmiris in their just struggle to get freedom from India’s brutal hold.

ISLAMABAD: AJK President Sardar Masood Khan along with Lord Nazir Ahmed and Slour Mayor Ishrat Naz Shah addresses a joint press conference on Monday.

They said that Kashmiris will not give up their right to self-determination despite oppression and cruelty of Indian forces in ‘Occupied’ Kashmir.
AJK President demanded that Britain – a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council should raise the issue of grave situation in ‘Occupied’ Kashmir with other members of the Security Council and hold a debate on the matter.
He said Kashmiris were not involved in any kind of terrorism and it was India whose central government was perpetrating state terrorism to suppress the peaceful and unarmed Kashmiris striving to achieve freedom. The President strongly condemned the serious violations of human rights in Occupied Kashmir and mass killing of innocent Kashmiris. Sardar Masood said 20 Kashmiris were killed in the so called security operation in Shopian recently and India was using indiscriminate force and targeting Kashmiris in acts of state terrorism.
Paying tribute to the Kashmiri youth who lost their lives, he said their sacrifices will not go in vain. Sardar Masood presented a report of Kashmir Media Service which quoted an investigation carried out by Global Journal of Medical Research, according to which in the year 2016, 1314 Kashmiris lost their lives due to indiscriminate use of pellet guns by Indian forces. He said bilateral talks between India and Pakistan always failed on the issue of Kashmir because Kashmiris were the main stakeholder and without their participation no talks could succeed.
Lord Nazir Ahmed said he along with his supporters would raise the issue of Kashmir during the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who will be in London next week to attend the summit of Commonwealth. “We shall welcome to Modi in a befitting matter that he and the rest of the world would remember forever. Our all arrangements are completed and we are ready to show our street force on 18th April in front of Parliament.
He said India was trying to mislead international community by declaring Kashmiri youth as militants, adding India had unleashed a wave of terror against the Kashmiris resulting in untold sufferings.
Lord Ahmed said that Pakistan’s foreign policy in regards to Kashmir issue is not satisfactory. “FM Khawaja Asif may be doing good job from his own point of view but I suggest that four ministers of state in Pakistan Foreign Ministry should be appointed as Pakistan is going through big challenges and new appointees should pay full attention on Kashmir imbroglio.
“I shall again raise Kashmir issue in British Parliament and will inform every individual parliamentarian about the LoC situation and what he has seen with his own eyes and will show them the pictures and videos.
Mayor of Slough Ishrat Naz Shah who was born in Kashmir, said she visited the Line of Control (LoC) and came to know the sufferings of the Kashmiri people who were being targeted in Indian shelling.
She urged the government of Pakistan to provide all possible facilities to people living along LoC, who were committed to Pakistan and did not want to leave their native areas.
“I shall raise this issue at the Slough Council platform and will give eye-witness account at the session”, she told newsmen.