Role of British Parliamentarians for Kashmir is source of inspiration; says Sardar Masood


ISLAMABAD: AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has condemned the killings and dishonouring of Kashmiris by the Indian forces in J&K. He paid rich tribute to the Kashmiri people and Hurriyat leadership who courageously face the persecution and victimization of Indian occupation forces.

ISLAMABAD: AJK President Sardar Masood Khan along with M. Afzal MP, member of AJK Assembly Javed Iqbal and Ch. Shokat Ali (right) address a joint press conference in Islamabad.

President Masood Khan made these remarks while addressing a joint press conference here in Islamabad, along with Member of British Parliament Afzal Khan and Ch. Shokat Ali, Chairman, Muslim Friends of Labour, UK who are on an official visit to Pakistan and AJK.
Sardar Masood thanked Afzal Khan MP for his resolute stance on the issue of Kashmir. He said that MPs of Pakistani and Kashmiri origin have always played a pivotal role in highlighting the Kashmir issue in the British Parliament and their efforts in sensitizing the British people on the human right violations taking place in Indian Occupied Kashmir.
President AJK said that India has always created hurdles for the political, diplomatic and peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute for the past 70 years. India has falsely and maliciously demonized the peaceful political struggle in the occupied Kashmir by terming it as militancy and terrorism, he said.
Commending the role of numerous British MPs and Lords who have time and again, raised the issue of Kashmir in both the House of Commons and House of Lords, President Masood Khan said. He added we are hopeful that the British Parliament will effectively to put pressure on their government and their Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) in compelling India to amicably settling the Kashmir dispute in accordance to the United Nations Security Council resolutions.
The President said that Mehbooba Mufti’s desire to join CPEC can be made possible by connecting Srinagar to Mansehra-Mirpur expressway at Muzaffarabad, but India will first have to end its rule of tyranny in Indian Occupied Kashmir and its unprovoked fire targeting civilians across the LOC. He added that Mehbooba Mufti must cease being a facilitator to Delhi in its occupation.
Responding to a question on the civilians living on the LOC, the President said that increase in compensation is being discussed and funds have been approved for the construction of bunkers. He said that India is deliberately escalating the situation by violating the ceasefire agreement. He added that in this manner, India is trying to divert the international community’s attention from the atrocities taking place in IOK.
MP Afzal Khan on the occasion said that the international community must take cognisance of the human right violations taking place in IOK. He further said that the world must not prioritize political, economic and strategic interests over the atrocities taking place in J&K.
The President thanked the Labour Party for including a commitment on Kashmir in its election manifesto and for trying to shine a light on the issue in the House of Commons.
In his brief remarks, Ch. Shokat Ali said that Pakistani and Kashmiri diaspora in Britain is working hard to boost the image of their country and to raise the just cause of Kashmiri people. “The role of Labour Party and its leadership is significant and vital in this regard. Furthermore, the efforts of British parliamentarians especially the Pakistan origin lawmakers are admirable and source of inspiration”, he added.