New powers to fight rise in stabbings and shootings given to London mayor


LONDON: Mayor Sadiq Khan’s office, the Ministry of Justice and London Councils have signed a memorandum of understanding on devolved justice powers, which proposes a “secure school” for young offenders and overhaul off ailing probation services.
David Gauke, the Justice Secretary, said London faces “unique challenges” while housing almost 20 per cent of all offenders in England and Wales and spending £3.3bn every year on criminal justice.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan

“It is right that we work in close partnership with London’s regional authorities to reduce crime, stop people reoffending and look after victims,” he added. “I envisage this as the first step towards a model where London’s authorities play a much more active role in managing offenders – particularly those who require the most comprehensive support.”
According to an Independent report, Sadiq Khan said he wanted to make London safer, reduce reoffending rates and support victims better by joining up local services.“This agreement will ensure that decisions about justice services in London prioritise the interests of Londoners, and it is an important step towards the devolution of powers over criminal justice in our city,” he added. Met Police Chief: Police will use stop-and-search powers “properly” over knife crime The initiative was revealed after a bloody week in the capital, where a 26- year-old man was shot dead in the street on Sunday night. There were more than 820,000 crimes recorded in London over the last year – 17 per cent of all recorded crime in England and Wales – and a fifth of known offenders(76,000) live in the capital.
Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick, said London’s crime wave was being driven by a “core group of young offenders” repeatedly committing assault and robbery “with relative impunity”.