Ulmas not to preach Jihad in mosques, gun won’t take anyone to paradise: Mehbooba


SRINAGAR: J&K Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has urged religious leaders to stop preaching Jihad in Masjids and said that there are no short cuts to paradise. She urged the Imams not to teach the children short route to paradise. “There are no shortcuts to paradise. Picking up gun won’t take anyone to paradise. The paradise lies beneath the feet of parents,” she said here while addressing the Imams, religious scholars and executives of J&K Muslim Wakf Board.

SRINAGAR: J&K Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti addressing religious scholars in Srinagar on Sunday.

She said Kashmir is a political issue and not a religious one and urged the religious leaders should stop preaching Jihad in mosques. She asked them to teach the youth what they teach their own children at home.
She urged Imams of the Masjids to preach real Islam and told them that they can make a huge contribution as they are directly interacting with the people on daily basis.
The Chief Minister appealed to religious scholars, Imams and custodians of shrines to lead the society in getting it out of the difficult issues by showing the right path as they have been ordained.
Mehbooba said Islam is a religion of peace which laid down guidelines not for Muslims alone but for entire humanity and even for flora and fauna. She said Islam has laid ample emphasis on seeking knowledge and the Ulema should spread this message so that Muslim community is able to get itself out of the difficulties it has been in for quite a time.
The Chief Minister appealed the Imams and Ulema to come forward and help the younger generation by showing them the right path as enshrined in the Holy Book and the teachings of the Prophet (SAW). “Unfor-tunately Muslims around the world have been caught in a web of violence and it is utmost responsibility of the religious scholars to help the society from getting drifted on a wrong track”, she said.