Hasin says will approach court for rights


AMROHA (Uttar Pradesh): Indian fast bowler Mohammad Shami on Wednesday denied all allegations leveled by his wife Hasin Jahan and termed it ‘baseless’. Hasin alleged that Shami abused her physically and mentally and is also involved in several extra-marital affairs.
Brushing off the allegations, Shami said that someone is conspiring against him to ruin his career. Speaking to ANI, Shami said, “All allegations are baseless, it does not have any meaning. Cannot say anything about the case till the time I get to know everything. There is some conspiracy behind this, it may be a conspiracy to spoil my game.”
“I tried to contact Hasin but she did not pick up my phone but will meet her soon. The way I am, will stay with her like that forever,” the pacer told ANI.
“I contacted my father in law, he spoke to me very nicely and I think the things will sort out soon,” he added.
Besides accusing the cricketer of abusing her, Hasin further said that she will drag the pacer to court for cheating on her.
Hasin Jahan on Wednesday said she will drag the pacer to court for cheating on her. Married to Shami since 2014, Hasin has alleged that the bowler is having several extra-marital affairs.”Soon after my marriage, I was abused physically and mentally,” Hasin told reporters.
Earlier, in a bid to expose the pacer’s extra-marital affairs, Hasin posted several screenshots of Messenger and Whatsapp messages on her unverified Facebook wall.
Notably the post, which was uploaded from an unverified account, was titled as ‘Shami’s enjoyment’ and had several pictures of the pacer’s text messages to multiple women. “I’ve done everything he wanted me to do. I left my modeling career, job and also did not step out of the house,” Hasin said.

Hasin Jahan and Mohammad Shami

She further alleged that Shami’s family forced her to marry him and later also tried to kill her. “He was planning to abandon me after his South Africa tour by taking away the property and insurance papers. I have been tolerating all this for the past five years. He has been asking for divorce for two years,” she said. Hasin said Shami was only concerned with money and fame. “I’m not going to divorce him till my last breath. I’ve all evidences against him and will soon drag him to court,” she said. Shami has rejected the reports of his extra-marital affair, saying that someone is conspiring to ruin his career.