Anti-Muslim extremist working on ‘civil war on Islam’ in Britain


LONDON: The Far-right extremists known as anti-Muslims are moving increasingly online as they prepare for what they believe is a “civil war on Islam” in Britain, a new report released by a UK-based anti-racism group said on Friday.
Hope Not Hate, a campaign group which investigates neo-Nazi groups to combat far-right extremism, warns that the UK must be prepared for more terrorist plots and use of extreme violence from the anti-Muslim extremists and fundamentalists.
“We are facing a surging threat from far-right terrorism and violent extremism. We fear further violence from the extreme right in the months to come,” said Nick Lowles, chief executive of Hope Not Hate.
“This rising terrorist threat is the consequence of the increasingly confrontational tone of online far-right rhetoric, combined with the almost universal extreme-right belief that a civil war between Islam and the West is coming,” he added. He called on the police and the government to do more to crack down on the peddlers of hate and those pushing a “civil war rhetoric”.
The group’s annual State of Hate report said that while traditional groups are weakening, more tech-savvy leaders were driving the far right cause forward. It warns that though membership of traditionally organised far-right groups was at its lowest level for two decades, the threat that they posed has been replaced by new networks which had been developing online. A record number of people are being arrested for suspected terror offences in the UK, with 28 suspects detained for far-right-inspired crimes in 2017. Media reports say that racist attacks on Muslims have increased five times in UK in last couple of years.