SRK’s five mantras of futuristic cinema


NEW DELHI: Shah Rukh Khan has talked about five key points which are likely to change the film industry in the coming years. While speaking at Global Business Summit 2018 on ‘Future of Cinema – The Digital Way’, on Saturday, he made some key observations and pointed them out for the lay people to note.
Firstly, Khan talked about the importance of big data. He emphasised on how the marketing for cinema and consumption of cinema will be changed because of large data sets.
Secondly, Khan said that cinema will have a radical move away from the content. He further explained, “Movies are going to be shorter with no intervals. Instead of stories being based on physical geographical boundaries, they are going to be based on more social and psychological geographies”.
He also pointed out that with the uncontrolled flow of information and free exchange of ideas, there will be more of crowd-funding than bank financing. “How we watch a film is going to be changed. Movies will become an experience, they will be interactive”, the actor mentioned as the third point.

Shah Rukh Khan meets Indian Prime Minister Narindera Modi at the conference.

He said with the changing experience, the audience will be able to change the ending or the character, as per their choices.
For the fourth point, Khan talked about artificial intelligence and introduction of virtual reality and visual effects.
He elaborated the point, “With the emerging visual effects, it will be a tough time for the actors in the industry. Even today, the audience cannot make out between a real actor and a virtual one”.
He concluded it with the fifth point, with a remark on how the access to the cinema is going to be changed. “There will not be an appointment cinema anymore, the cinema will be at will. Whatever you want to watch, whenever you want to watch – will be available”, Khan added. King Khan made trademark speech full of wit and humour on the second day of Global Business Summit 2018 on Saturday. Also present at the event were Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, McKinsey head Dominic Barton, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, Rahul Bajaj, ArcelorMittal boss LN Mittal, and Donald Trump Jr among other notable guests.
Friend Salman
As Shah Rukh Khan took the center stage at Global Business Summit 2018 amongst some of the bigwigs from the business world, the actor did not forget his friends from the Bollywood. King Khan made it sure to mention his friends in his opening remark while being at his wittiest best. While talking about imminent changes in the Bollywood industry, the 52-year-old star said that even though he loves Salman Khan, but wants to make one request to his “friend”.
He elaborated, “When the 33rd version of ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ will be released, and when he’ll earn 2000 crore, I will beg him to let the ‘tiger be alive’ and take a retirement.” Shah Rukh was present at the second day of Global Business Summit 2018 to deliver a speech on ”Future of Cinema – The Digital Way’ on Saturday.