Ravi Kishan – a rising star of Bollywood


It’s always been said that that hard work always pays off and this saying is fit to an actor who I interviewed last week. Ravi Kishan a brilliant actor who started his career from Hindi cinema and gained the title of a superstar from Bhojpuri films.
Bollywood is a huge industry where actors have to prove time and time again their ability to work in diverse characters, to showcase their own work and to become more established in the industry. There was many questions that I could ask Ravi Kishan, I wanted to know about his journey, his experience and his charity work, he was humble in his conversation and it was a pleasure talking to him- here’s what he had to say.
Q: Everyday many people come to Mumbai with lots of dreams in their eyes to become a star but very few get lucky. Did you have a backup plan just in case?
Ravi: Not at all I was very focused and my mind was very clear that I had to do this, no matter how long it takes or how many years, I had to work and would stick to it! I want to act and one day the sun will rise, my sixth sense is very strong and I had a faith that i will achieve one day.
Q: Hindi, Bhojpuri, Telgu, why did you choose regional cinema- is it because of work or your financial aspect?
Ravi: I had money problems, I was not secured financially when I got the opportunity to work in Bhojpuri which was my mothers tongue as I am from Jonepur, so I thought let me try and I got lucky and that industry gave me super stardom and then the opportunity from south came and then I got success from there too, God has been very kind.
Q: Do you believe any Godfather, any particular groups in the industry to associate with to be a success in the industry?
Ravi: Nobody supported me as such I supported myself, no production house or Godfather- I made my own path with sheer hard work and performance. I created my own industry which is Bhojpuri industry which is helped me today because that was a dying industry, but I made it work and now more ten 50,000 people are depending on this industry.
Q: In life there are always disappointment, failure and struggles to get somewhere. How was that period for you and how did you overcome the rejections?
Ravi: Rejection is an initial stage, if you are coming from no background, not financially strong, no support from industry or family then you are bound to face rejections. People will call you in the office and they will not meet you, they wont give you work and if they give you work they will not pay you for that work, so all this is a part and parcel of the industry or any industry. So be patient, stick to your work, don’t lose your temper- this is the way God checks you and your patience. Mumbai gives you lots of trials and pain, initially you don’t feel that pain and rejection one fine day you want to cry and you think why everything going against you nothinh is happening but that is time nature checking you and wait for the next morning. Nights were tough for me, I would wait for the morning and to start my day again. My struggle was with work and if I got the work then there was the stress of it being a flop and no hit meant no money. I got offered to work with no money but I chose to work. Money started after 15 years so all those years it was a financial struggle.
Q: You didn’t have support from your family but your mother supported you.
Ravi: My mother had faith and believed in me and she supported me and that was my only support from my family?.
Q: How did Bigg Boss effect your career?
Ravi: Bigg Boss branded me in India, people got to know me as a person apart of a superstar. I am simple person, a desi boy and people loved me for that. Bollywood realised that I am a good actor and then big directors and producers approached me to cast me in their films and I was back to the main game.
Q: How was the experience working with big names such as Mani Ratnam, Shay Benegal and also starring in a film producd by Dilip Kumar?
Ravi: Fantastic experience with all and when Dilip Sb said that he will work with me under Dilip Sb and Saira Jee banner, it was so much to learn from him and i was very lucky that he loved my work as an actor and once he said that “we make people cry but you make me cry” that was a big compliment for me.
Q: You believe in charity, any particular cause which is near to your heart?
Ravi: The cause which helps parents who cant afford to get their daughters to get married because of dawry. The reason behind this is because i have seen poverty and what a father and mother go through when they have a daughter. When my first daughter was born i didnt have money to take her out from the hospital, so i took money on interest to bring her home. I make an awareness wherever i get the chance not to give dawry but to make your daughter strong enough in the society with education. When I got married i didnt ask anything so i can give my example not to take anything from girls parents.
Q: How about your own children, is anyone interested to join films in the future?
Ravi: Yes they will be doing films but I want them to finish their studies first and after which ever field they want to go in they are free and i will support their decision.
Q: You was in politics as well, any future plans to work actively in politics?
Ravi: I have started with congress but after i got busy, now i campaigned for Mr Modi. I joined politics to help people especially in villages so people listen to me and help to improve the betterment of the people. Right now i am busy with my acting work which i enjoy the most, but yes i have time and getting old i will join actively politics and that will be my payback time and i will do my part.
Q: How is 2018 for you in regards to film releases?
Ravi: Mukkabaaz release with Anurag Kasyab which went very well so 2018 by the blessing of God has been very good, I signed one web series with Ekta Kapoor- Balaji which is a crime thriller, Telgu film and Bhojpuri my own home production so it is a very colorful year ahead for my fans.