Claims made by Shahid Masood in Zainab case proved false


ISLAMABAD: Inquiry Committee probing into the claims and disclosures made by anchor person of a private TV channel Dr Shahid Masood in his TV program about Zainab rape and murder case has filed its report in Supreme Court (SC).
As per inquiry committee report all the claims made by Dr Shahid Masood have proved false and concocted. 18 disclosures made by Dr Shahid Masood and his investigative reporting in Zainab rape and murder case has been rejected by inquiry committee.
According to media reports the inquiry report says allegations leveled against Imran Ali that he is member of world mafia, he has political affiliations, he is holding 37 bank accounts, he is involved in violent pornography, he is active member of VCP gang, he has received foreign funding and he is mentally ill have not been proved by Dr Shahid Masood.
According to report Imran Ali is a poor person and no evidence to the effect that he is having million of rupees has been provided. No proof is available that the accused has links with some influential person.
Report said that Shahid Masood could not provide any proof that the accused is enjoying support of any federal minister. The allegations that the accused Imran Ali will be killed during a police encounter have also not been proved.