Ceasefire violations have made Kashmiris’ life hell: Dr. Misfar


BURNLEY: Dr Misfar Hassan, President Jammu Kashmir Liberation League (JKLL UK & EU) has said that exchange of heavy artillery fire across the Line of Control has caused loss of human lives damage to properties and domestic animals. People are living in environment of uncertainty and fear.

Dr Misfar Hassan

There are no treatment or rescue facilities and the areas seem to have no governance. On the other hand the President of Pak Administered Kashmir Mr Masood Khan rather than looking after his suffering people is on regular visits UK and EU. In a statement issued here Dr Misfar Hassan said lives of the people living on the line of control in Pak Admin areas of JK have been miserable due to on going exchange of artillery fire between two armies for the last many months.
Many people have lost lives day to day life activities have come to a stand still people are being forced to leave their homes for safety of their lives. In these circumstances there seems no local governance the government of Muzaffarabad seems to have no role in providing care to the suffering people.
There are no facilities available to treat the injured people there are no ambulances available to carry the injured to hospitals for treatment purposes. While every household is suffering the elite President of Muzaffarabad Mr Masood Khan is on pleasure trips to UK and EU regularly.
He is addressing elected councillors who have achieved through their hard work in British system trying to exploit their achievements to conceal hisshortcomings of his poor governance in areas whom he represents. Dr. Misfar said that spending thousands of pounds on such visits and having lavish feasts while his own people suffer due to lack of treatment facilities is not making any sense to anyBritish Kashmiri Diaspora. Can Mr President explain it to us what is the purpose of hisrepeated visits and what objectives has he achieved since assuming this post. Can he inform the British Kashmir Diaspora what can he do to restore peace in this region using his diplomatic skills.