Torch of freedom has taken over by Kashmiri youths: Sardar Masood


ISLAMABAD: AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has said that Modi and BJP’s para-military arm RSS are committing terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir. “This carnage of Muslims, these acts of genocide must stop”, the President said while citing instances of human rights violations there.
Addressing the 2nd Inter-Universities Speech Competition on “Human Right Violations in IOK and the role of the International Community”, organized by the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Cell here at Kashmir House, Islamabad.
Commending the impassioned and substantive speeches of the contestants, the President said this should be an eye-opener to the Indian occupiers as the torch of freedom now is passed to the younger generation. The President said with this kind of commitment from the youth, he was sanguine that Kashmir would soon win freedom from Indian shackles.
Masood Khan said that Kashmir is a historical issue because the entire territory of Jammu and Kashmir, by law and on the basis of kinship, faith and commerce, belongs to Pakistan. One part of that state, he said, was forcibly occupied by India and since 1947 it has been killing, torturing and incarcerating Kashmiris.
“India has colonized IOK and made Kashmiris aliens in their own land”, the President said. He added that the Kashmir issue was also a geographical issue because Kashmiris, the key constituent of the Kashmir dispute, will decide who would have sovereignty over their territory.

ISLAMABAD: AJK President Sardar Masood Khan addresses 2nd Inter-Universities Speech Competition at Kashmir House.

The President said that Modi’s government has adopted a policy of aggression and subjugation leading to the murder, maiming, illegal incarceration and forced evacuation of the Muslim population.
As it commits these horrendous crimes, the President said that India paints itself as a victim and demonizes Kashmiris as terrorists backed by Pakistan. “We want peace and amity; and we want to pursue dialogue and diplomacy; and India seeks a solution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute through state-terrorism and falsifications of the situation on the ground. India’s real face must be exposed to the international community”, Sardar Masood Khan said.
President Masood said that the eerie silence of the international community to these crimes is deplorable. The United Nations has totally failed its mandate by not resolving this 70-year issue, he said.
In the end of the event, the President presented the winning speakers with cash prizes and congratulated all the speakers on their outstanding performance.
The event was also attended by Conveners APHC Ghulam Muhammad Safi and Faiz Naqshbandi, as well as Brig. (R) Dr. Muhammad Khan and a large number of students from the public sector universities of AJK.