Niharica – versatile actress and Miss India UK


Niharica Singh is a film actress who worked in Bollywood and regional films too also she has been crowned as Miss India UK in 2010. It was nice to have an interview with her.
Q: you are into many art forms like singing, acting, modelling. Which one is near to your heart and want to continue with?
Niharica: Without a doubt singing. I believe that your voice is the most important tool of communication. Artists with great voices have a huge impact. I feel all actors should be trained in singing. If you sing well you are more equipped to express your emotional intensity it also helps in dialogue delivery, voice modulation tailored to character brief. It’s a great asset and I feel very strongly attached to it.
I plan to compose and release a few singles in the coming year.
Q: Miss India UK, have you thought about participating into Miss world or universe ?
Niharica: I have had a great run with Miss India UK and Miss India Worldwide first runner up. But my pageant days are over now. I am more focused on creating an incredible filmography for myself.
Q: Bengali, Gujarati, Telugu and Hindi different languages to speak how difficult was that as you lived and studied abroad?
Niharica: My parents have always instilled traditional values within us which included being able to speak the national language: Hindi. Even when we were in Luxembourg we have always spoken Hindi at home. Other languages such as Bengali, Gujarati and southern languages, I will have to learn them. I like learning languages, it’s one of my hobbies, I speak German, French, Spanish and Luxembourgish now its time to focus on Indian languages.
Q: How difficult is to enter into Bollywood industry and what struggle did you face or facing it ?
Niharica: I think it’s very difficult to reach the top in any industry, the entertainment industry is a very privileged one and very difficult one to crack, but I will make it through. I have huge belief and I’m learning to be patient, I am working hard and I know I will see the success of my labour. I have a lot of experience and I think that helps me a lot. I have assisted many directors and choreographers, met so many people connected with film making and film production in India. Now I just have to package it all together. Expect a lot of films from me, hopefully with new cutting edge stories and path breaking technicalities. My aim is to contribute to the world of cinema in a way that pushes the envelope of what Bollywood has been perceived as till date.
Q: How you see yourself in the next 3/5 years time?
Niharica: I want to contribute to the world of Bollywood. See it reach greater heights, universally accepted and respected. I feel our comedies, musicals and our period films will gain a lot of acceptance from international audiences, our slice of life, biopics will also enthrall people. I wish to see the magic of Bollywood transcend all language barriers and I want people to be inspired by our stories and our music
Q: Total Dhamaal releasing this year how excited are you ?
Niharica: It’s going to be a great film. Distributed by Fox Star productions. Produced by Ajay Devgn, Indra Kumar, Ashok Thakeria and Shri Adhikari Brothers.
I think it will be one of the best comedy genre films of 2018. A great family entertainer for everyone to enjoy during Christmas 2018.
Q: Do you think nepotism exists in bollywood? What’s your take?
Niharica: There is a lot of favouritism in Bollywood. Favouritism exists, nepotism is just one form. However, If you notice Mahesh Bhatt did not launch Alia Bhatt, David Dhawan did not launch Varun Dhawan, Jhanvi Kapoor is not being launched by Boney Kapoor etc these are just a few examples.
Also, currently the richest, top of their game and prominent actors of India are people who had great ambition and zeal, and do not necessarily belong to film families, people such as: Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut but they have also been supported in some way or the other. So, all in all to succeed in Bollywood you need support of some kind. Nepotism or so called family support helps, but it can’t guarantee that you become an accepted face. The audience has become very intelligent, they cast their vote. Stars are those with enough determination and grit, interesting talent, and unique beauty. Those who are patient and lucky to be able to share their world with the world. Let’s see if I become one of those people.