No one will be spared Axact scam; warns CJP


ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court (SC ) has summoned all the accused including owner of Axact company in fake degree suo motu notice .
The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has remarked if there is truth in media report pertaining to fake degrees then no one will escape and if there is no truth therein then action will be taken against those who are launching campaign. He gave these remarks while presiding over a 3-member bench of SC during the course of hearing of suo motu notice of Axact fake degrees Wednesday. Director General FIA Bashir Memon appeared in the court and started reading out report. CJP remarked ” tell us what is problem of axact. This issue was earlier raised too. DG FIA said the documents were taken into custody after sealing the offices.
CJP remarked this issue is being highlighted again. If this is correct then tell us. Country is being maligned. CJP remarked if this incident has not happened then action will be taken against those who are behind unleashing campaign. If there is any truth in the fake degrees news then no one will be able to escape.
DG FIA told that a report found way to the media on May 15, 2015 that professor holding fake degree was arrested in Peshawar.
DG FIA told the court Axact headquarters is located in Karachi. This institution has 10 business units. One business unit pertains to Online education. 4 cases have been registered against it. Trial is running in a subordinate court at Karachi. Case was not run in Peshawar high court. The professor who obtained fake degree is brother of some judicial officer.
C JP remarked “give us names of the accused persons. CJP remarked “I will not spare Dr Aamir Liaqat if he has obtained Axact degree .
Aamir Liaqat who was sitting on front seat said while waving hands that ” my degree is not from Axact. CJP remarked “this is not your TV program. There is decorum of court. Don’t wave your hands this way.
Later the court summoned all the accused persons including Shoaib Sheikh, owner of Axact.
The court directed “give us the name of all accused. We will put them in ECL. We have to play role to safeguard the dignity of Pakistan. If cases are against them then these will run. The respective court will dispose of the cases within one or one and half month. Give us the name of the accused just now in writing. The honor of the country is a big thing.
DG FIA told the court “70 percent revenue of Axact comes from Online education unit.
Bashir Memon said website of 330 US universities were developed while sitting in Karachi. US number was given on website. Call is received in Pakistan and the person who lifts receiver speaks in American accent. Those aspirants of degrees deposited money in US account and this money was transferred to Pakistan. FIA have registered 4 cases against the company. Two bails were granted in Islamabad. One judge was charged with taking money.