J&KSMI speeds up signature campaign on Kashmir issue


STOKE ON TRENT: Jammu & Kashmir Self-Determination Movement International (J&KSMI) has speeded up its campaign to get signature from British Parliamentarians on Kashmir issue. In this regard, Jack Brereton MP and Ian Duncan Smith (former MP) signed the petition which would be submitted at the parliament for discussion soon.
Kashmiri leaders Raja Najabat Hussain, Amjad Hussain and Harry Boota were also present at the occasion. The petition claims that over the past 3 weeks there have been a growing number of attacks on civiliansin Kashmir on both sides of the Line of Control by the Indian Security Forces.

STOKE ON TRENT: Jack Brereton MPand Ian Duncan Smith signing the Kashmir petition that would be submitted in the British Parliament. Kashmiri leaders Raja Najabat Hussain, Harry Boota and Amjad Hussain were present at the occasion. In another picture, all three Kashmiri leaders stand with Ch. Mohammad Yasin during a meeting that was held to discuss the Kashmir situation.

At least 30 people have been killed and many more have been injured, this latest offensive by the Indian forces appears to be to cause as much alarm as possible in the areas of Azad Kashmir. The petition referred the skirmishes happened outside the India House on 26th January, the Indian Republic Day when the opponents came face to face.
Had it not been for the quick actions of the our stewards there could have been serious public order issues in London. It is with this background that the Jammu Kashmir Self Determination Movement International is pleading with the British parliamentarians, especially members of APPG on Kashmir, to raise these concerns in the British Parliament.
The petition says that we urge our “friends of Kashmir” to hold an urgent debate in the Parliament to: A)-Urge both India and Pakistan for calm around the line of control.
B) Urge India to allow independent observers into the Indian occupied Kashmir.
C) Send British delegation to visit the Indian occupied Kashmir as a matter of urgency, if India refuses to allow this delegation to visit then consider sanctions against India.
D) Send British delegation to visit Azad Kashmir and see some of the families who are victims of these atrocities.
E) Invite political activists from J&K to give their views on the current situation.
F)Allow JKSDMI to make a presentation as to a “Way forward” to resolving this long standing dispute.