US names three Pakistanis as key ‘terrorist facilitators’


WASHINGTON: The United States on Wednesday named three Pakistanis as key “terrorist facilitators”, saying they worked closely with a well-known backer of Al Qaeda, Lashkar-eTaiba (LeT) and the Taliban known as Shaykh Aminullah. The US Treasury placed Rahman Zeb Faqir Muhammad, Hizb Ullah Astam Khan and Dilawar Khan Nadir Khan on its blacklist of “Specially Designated GlobalTerrorists,” in an effort to disrupt the group’s ability to obtain and distribute financing.
All three were tied to Shaykh Aminullah, who has been on international terror blacklists since 2009. US officials allege that Shaykh Aminullah turned the Ganj seminary in Peshawar into a training and recruiting base for Al Qaeda, the Taliban and LeT.
The three men were involved in providing financial and logistical support, explosives and technological aid to the three Pakistan and Afghanistan-based extremist groups, the Treasury said. Rahman Zeb, it said, had been in charge of raising funds and materials for LeT in the Gulf region, and helped Shaykh Aminullah travel to the Gulf in 2014.
Hizb Ullah was involved in Shaykh Aminullah’s seminary and helped him on various trips to the Gulf. Dilawar, meanwhile, was a close assistant to Shaykh Aminullah, arranging his travel around Pakistan and handling his correspondence and financial transactions. Peshawar seminary It is pertinent to mention here that it was reported on 22nd August 2013 that Sheikh Aminullah, who triggered the US economic sanctions on a small seminary in Peshawar on Tuesday, has been frequently travelling abroad despite having been declared a terrorist by the US government and the United Nations in 2009. “Sheikh Aminullah travelled to Saudi Arabia in last Ramazan for performing Umra and then came back to Rawalpindi where he was teaching the Holy Quran at a mosque in Raja Bazaar,” said one source affiliated with Jamia Taleemul Quran wal Sunnah, which was declared a terrorist outfit by the US government.
He said he knew that Amanullah, who had taught here from20 years, had been declared terrorist by the UN and the US. Sheikh Aminullah has no longer any association with the seminary associated in the congested old part of Peshawar city. Administration of the seminary said Aminullah had left the religious school eight months ago and that they were not aware of his whereabouts.
“If he (Aminullah) was wanted to America or UN, then he can be arrested in Saudi Arabia or in Islamabad. Why declare a seminary a terrorist outfit,” he asked, declaring the US charges rubbish and baseless. “This seminary is open to everyone. We also invite Americans to inspect this compound,” he offered, saying that this place had been under observations since the US government put name of Sheikh Aminullah on the list. The US State Department said the seminary was being abused by terrorist organisations and today’s action appeared to be the first time, a seminary had been declared a terrorist outfit in Pakistan. Haji Alam Sher, 85, owner of the seminary, said Sheikh Aminullah had left the seminary on his own will about eight months ago and he did not know his whereabouts. “I don’t know the reason as to why he left seminary, but I did not ask him to leave this job,” said Sher who donated about one kanal land where seminary stands.
20th August 2013 Earlier, two before on 2oth August (2013), the US Treasury set economic sanctions on a Pakistani madrassa (Islamic school) it branded a “terrorist training center” supporting Al Qaeda and the Taliban. The Treasury said the Ganj madrassa in Peshawar was being used as a training and recruiting base by the two militant groups, as well as the Lashkar-e-Taiba blamed for the November 2008 Mumbai attacks that killed 166 people. The head of the madrassa, Fazeel-A-Tul Shaykh Abu Mohammed Ameen Al-Peshawari, known as Shaykh Aminullah, has been a US and UN-designated terrorist since 2009, for his support for Al Qaeda and the Taliban. But it was the first time a madrassa – generally, schools managed under Islamic principles – has been the target of sanctions, which forbid any Americans from having any business interaction with it, and freeze any of its assets that come under US jurisdiction.