Sajid Hasan shares his horrifying hair transplant ordeal to save others


KARACHI: Hair transplant is now common worldwide but inexperienced and socalled experts create a lot of problem and make the life hell of their ‘patients’. Veteran actor Sajid Hasan is an example of those affected people who have become target and now requesting for pray for him and is eagerly waiting for better days.

Sajid Hasan shows what his friend doctor had done with him.

But one thing is laudable and appreciated that he has come forward on social media with his harrowing experience of a hair transplant gone wrong. In a video on Facebook, he shared that a doctor acquaintance of his was chasing him for nine years to perform a hair transplant procedure on him. Two months ago, Hasan said he finally consented.
Little did he know that his hair transplant would go very wrong! Hasan said that he underwent the procedure without any tests, though he knows now that that isn’t standard procedure. He said that the doctor, whom he left unnamed, just laid him down and attempted the hair transplant on him.
“I fell ill the next day,” shares Hasan. “For 10-15 days, I was in bed with a fever and infection and the doctor just kept assuring me that I’ll get better.” Hasan revealed that the doctor would only cleanse his scalp with saline water when we would go in for check-ups.

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“It’s been one month of a lot of suffering for me and family. I’ve lost out on some work. Through this video, I want to raise awareness about the importance of research. Everyone should check 10 times before undergoing a procedure and opt for the right surgeon.”
The video went viral on social media and people have since been tweeting about it and the people especially the fans of this great artist are cursing the socalled doctor in Karachi.