Reham Khan leaves Pakistan after claim ‘receiving threats’


LAHORE: Reham Khan, former wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan, has reportedly left the country after ‘receiving threats’, a day after the anchor-turned-politician said she would finally break her silence on ‘certain matters’. According to a private news channel, she had confirmed that she had flown on Sunday evening. Reham told the news outlet that she had been receiving threats through phone calls that were made to her staff.
Meanwhile, Reham Khan, former wife of Imran Khan, claimed reports of her ex-husband’s third marriage carry weight, further accusing the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairperson of “hiding it much like he hid [theirs]”. Speaking from Islamabad to INDIA TV on Saturday, Reham said she has known about Imran’s reported third marriage with Bushra Maneka, his spiritual guru, claiming that the PTI chief may be hiding it for personal reasons. “Maybe he has some obligations, or maybe he thinks the timing right now isn’t suitable for him to announce his marriage publicly,” she said. “Maybe it is against the Sharia?” Reham speculated, adding that it isn’t her place to question but the Supreme Court and legal activists should look into it. “I’ve learn about the marriage from reliable sources… Maybe [Imran thinks] the circumstances right now aren’t suitable to announce [the marriage] publicly… but then if that’s so, then one shouldn’t get married,” Reham said.
Reham Khan claimed reports of her ex-husband’s third marriage carry weight, further accusing the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairperson of “hiding it much like he hid [theirs]”. Reham further accused the PTI leader of hiding their marriage, terming reports of her marriage with Imran lasting for 10 months as “false”. “He was very assertive regarding the date we get married on, I’m not sure why,” Reham said, claiming their nikkah took place on October 31, 2014 and the two got divorced the same date the next year. “I was given the impression that our marriage would be announced within two, three days. I wasn’t aware our marriage was going to be hid from the public for more than two months, two months and eight days to be specific,” Reham said. She further said she had asked Imran not to deny their marriage in a tweet he sent out in December 2014. “I advised him not to tweet that. I knew it’d attract ridicule… but he didn’t listen to me. I don’t understand why would anyone get married and then hide it,” she added.
Speaking about her divorce with Imran, she said getting married and making a marriage work are “two very different things”. “I think it is self-explanatory. If you keep a good behaviour and you are dedicated to making the relationship work, then you won’t reach a point where you have to get a divorce,” Reham said.
She said women in South Asia have been made accustomed to getting the shorter hand of the stick when it comes to marriages. “Even if our men are mediocre, or they’re not extraordinary in their behaviour towards their wives, the women stay married. They hardly ever ask for a divorce,” she said.
Reham also expressed discontent with the Supreme Court of Pakistan, saying she does not understand “how the highest court of law could label [Imran] sadiq and ameen.”
“As a Muslim, I am dumbfounded, and also feel disappointed,” Reham said, adding “sadiq and ameen” is a term used to praise Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). “No ordinary man can ever reach that status,” she said, adding that in her opinion, the top court has been “lenient” towards the PTI chief.
She said the court needs to explain to the public on what basis did it bestow Imran with that label.
“On that basis, I think Donald Trump should move to Pakistan. He would be given awards for protecting women’s rights,” Reham jested.
Reham further said she doesn’t think much when it comes to getting married but she is very careful about what she says and when.
PTI chief’s politics
“I don’t speak with intentions of maligning someone’s political career nor do I speak to praise it,” she said, adding that the PTI chief keeps a “flexible approach” when it comes to his political dealings. “He isn’t lenient, so to speak. He issues statements as per the situation demands and as he sees fit,” Reham said.
“There was a time he used criticise Zardari’s government… and would say under his party’s rule, anyone with extremist views would be crushed. “Now his government allotted Rs300 million [of the budget] to a madrassah (named Darul Uloom Haqqani) that is quite unpopular among the public,” Reham said. Students of the madrassa have been accused of being involved in the murder of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto.
“KP has 11 districts. All Child Protection Units there were shut down as its goverment said it didn’t have the budget. “Forty two schools were shut down, out of which 39 were for girls. Again the K-P government cited lack of funds.”So on what basis was that madrassa given Rs300m?,” Reham questioned.
“When it suits you, you align yourself with religious parties. When it doesn’t, you say you’ll deal with them in a harsh manner,” she said, criticising the PTI chief about his approach to politics. “I think the PTI chief is looking for people that are soft-hearted and have links with those that carry extremists/militant labels. But the voters have rejected that policy,” the activist said.