Not only man, but woman too causes for sexual harassment


LONDON: Bollywood hasn’t stopped talking about sexual harassment and following the Aziz Ansari debate, the issue has taken centre stage again. The fact is that it is not only the man who causes for sexual abuse but the woman also may be responsible for it just to take revenge or persuaded by victim’s opponents.
There are so many examples where the women proved to be used by others just professional rivalry or monitory gains. “They allow the people to use them as tool to achieve their nefarious designs and goals”, police reports confirm.
Meanwhile, Indian popular actress Sonam Kapoor addressed the issue in an interview with Haroon Rashid on BBC Asian Network.
She broke down three reason why one may not report sexual harassment or feel comfortable coming out about it. “There are three points to it – a lot of women don’t realise what’s going on and what’s happening to them, because they think that it’s okay and it’s alright… it’s like a subconscious thought. That’s the conditioning we’ve gone through.”
“Number two: it’s also because we’ve been taught to keep quiet, act dumb, pretend it didn’t happen, laugh it off. Or third it’s victim blaming. If something happens to you, it’s your fault.” Asked whether the victims hold themselves back when reporting sexual harassment due to the stigma surrounding the issue or fear of losing their jobs, Sonam replied: I think it’s both. it’s not only about losing your careers, it’s also losing face in society We’re still backward that way, we don’t talk about it at all.”
Addressing the Aziz Ansari incident, Sonam said she finds it ‘awful’ that calling out people for sexual harassment is now being referred to as a ‘witch hunt’. “It’s important for it to go the other way, There’s deafening silence and suddenly when the dam is broken, everything comes out. But eventually it will all level out. The truth always comes out, eventually. Always,” said the Padman star.