Laila Khan – a lesson to others


MUMBAI: Film industry is very attractive throughout the world but some time it becomes a horrific lesson to others. Pakistani origin actress Laila Khan made headlines when she gave bold scenes in film Wafa: A Deadly Love Story (2008). She gave intimate scenes with an actor twice of her age and he was none other than veteran actor Rajesh Khanna. She got publicity for intimate scenes and became sensation overnight. However, in January 2012, her step father Parvez Iqbal Tak murdered her. (We can’t print this pictures which are referred in the article).
Anaksha writes for ‘Pagal Parrot’ that Laila Khan stepped in Mumbai to become a successful actress. In February 2012 she and her family including her mother Shelina, elder sister Hasmina, twin brother-sister Imraan and Zara and cousin sister Reshma got disappeared from the city mysteriously. Later, the news came she was murdered by her step father but where her family members got vanished remained a mystery.
After the mysterious disappearance of the family without a trace, Khans’s father, Nadir Shah Patel (Shelina’s first husband), filed a complaint at a Mumbai police station stating that his daughter had gone missing along with other members of her family. While examining Khan’s Igatpuri bungalow, the Police investigation team found six skeletons, believed to be those of Khan and her family members. Later, her step father Parvez Iqbal Tak confessed he shot dead all the family members. It is believed that money, jealousy, property and possible shifting of the family to Dubai were the cause of the family murder. She was allegedly married to Munir Khan, a member of the banned Bangladeshi militant organisation Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami.