“Parents are source of blessing, disobedience to them is major sin: Peer Abdul Qadir Gilani


LONDON: Highlighting the importance and significance of parents in children’ life, the eminent religious scholar Peer Syed Dr. Abdul Qadir Gilani advised that Islam and humanity which are the same in spirit and goal instruct everyone that they are bound to be good to his or her parents, even though they may have injured him or her which may be not possible.
Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (r.a.), the greatgreat-grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is reported to have quoted Imam ‘Ali (ra) that, “disobedience to parents is a major sin.” He also stated that, “if a person looks at the face of his or her parents with wrathful eyes, despite the fact that injustice was done to him or her by the parents, his or her salah (prayer) will not be accepted by God.”
He said this while addressing a condolence congregation held to pay homage and pray for the departed soul of Haji Mohammad Raj, father of Cllr. Liaquat Ali MBE and Ch. Shokat Ali here at the Darul Uloom Qadria Gilania in Walthamstow on Friday.
PeerAbdul Qadir Gilani referred Hadith-e-Qudsi about the status of parents: “God has commanded that if anybody prays equal to the invocations performed by the prophets, such prayers will do no good if that person has been cursed by his or her parents.” It has also been related that the very first words which have been written on the Lauh-e-Mahfuz (The Heavenly Preserved Tablet) are: “I am God, and there is no deity except Me.
I am pleased with those with whom their parents are pleased, and I am displeased with those with whom their parents are displeased.” Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is reported to have said: “On the Day of Judgment, my person will not be seen by those who drank liquor, those who on hearing my name did not invoke the blessings of God on me, or those who were cursed and disowned by their parents.”

LONDON: Peer Syed Dr. Abdul Qadir Gilani, Syed Sabir Hussain Gilani, M. Yasin MP, Allama Hafiz Hasnat, Qari Ashraf Sialvi, Tahir Naqqash Hamdani, Ch. Dilpazeer, Allama Qari Mahmoodul Hasan, Ghulam Abbas, Barrister Umer Ali,Akhtar Hussain, Ch. Ahsan Quadri, Qari Azam Chishti and Munir Quadri address and recite at the Urs of Al-Haaj Mohammad Raj (late) at Darul Uloom Qadria Gilania on Sunday. (Nation pictures Mushtaq Sandhu)

According to a reliable tradition, it is related that a man came to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and asked him to whom he should render kindness. The prophet told him to be kind to his mother.
Three times he put the same question to the prophet, and three times he got the same answer. When he asked the question the fourth time, he was told to be kind to his father, indicating that the mother’s right took precedence over that of the father. Addressing at the occasion, Syed Mazhar Hussain Gilani said that ‘Ali ibn al-Husain (ra) is reported to have said: “The right of your mother on you is that you should know that nobody could endure the trouble and the conditions under which she protected you and nourished you with the juice of her life, and tried with her heart and soul to satisfy all your needs in relation to hunger, thirst, dress, etc. She passed sleepless nights,suffering anxieties. She provided you with shelter against heat and cold, and protected you from ailments. It is not possible for you to compensate her, or thank her enough for all the services, except that God may give you guidance for that. The right of your father on you is that you should know that it is he who brought you into existence, and you are a branch of the tree of his life.” Labour MP from North East Beds, MohammadYasin said that Islam has assigned certain duties to parents that they must fulfill. If they fail in those, they will be questioned about it. Besides providing the basic necessities of life, Islam requires that the parent steach their children about the Oneness of God, the Quranic commandments, values, the Prophets and their teachings, and the moral code of Islam as according to the Quran and the Sunnah (teachings) of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
He said that his endeavour duty would be to portray true picture of Islam in the British Parliament. “There are so many people and so called clerics who are not working according to Islamic junctures and furthermore mitigating the blessing picture of Islam. Ch. Shokat ali, on behalf of him, his brother Cllr. Liaquat Ali and other family members expressed gratitude to every participant. At the end, Peer Abdul Qadir Gilani led the pray. “Let us pray to God that He guide us to be respectful, kind, and obedient to our parents, and that we continue to show them humility regardless of the power, position, wealth, and influence we may possess.
Let us also pray that we be patient, kind, thoughtful, and friendly with our children, as we guide them through their lives, and that we discharge our responsibilities towards them as required by our religion, so that God may be pleased with us, and may He Bless and reward us, both in this world and in the Hereafter. Ameen.
Among other speakers and reciters were including Allama Hafiz Hasnat, Qari Ashraf Sialvi, Tahir Naqqash Hamdani, Ch. Dilpazeer, Allama Qari Mahmoodul Hasan, Dr. Pasha, Akhtar Hussain, Ghulam Abbas, Barrister Umer Ali,Ch. Ahsan Quadri, Munir Quadri and Qari Azam Chishti.