Jeremy Corbyn says transgender women should be treated as women


LONDON: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that transgender women should be treated as women. It comes amid a row in the party as to whether transgender women should be eligible to stand in all-women shortlists. In a wide ranging interview with the BBC, Mr Corbyn said Labour would make 8,000 homes available immediately for rough sleepers, as well as giving councils the powers to seize homes that are deliberately left empty.

Jeremy Corbyn

He also struggled to name anything positive that had been achieved by capitalism, and said he would not be introducing a Chinese economy into Britain. “The position of the party is that where you have self-identified as a woman, then you are treated as a woman,” Mr Corbyn told The Andrew Marr Show.
Labour activist Jennifer James has been barred from holding office or representing Labour while an investigation is conducted into her activity online. Ms James created a crowd fund campaign to mount a legal challenge against Labour’s policy on transgender women in female only elections.
Mr Corbyn said he would talk with feminist groups with concerns “and see if we can find some way forward”. Asked if there was anything that capitalism gets right, Mr Corbyn replied: “It doesinvest, mainly for its own benefit but it does of course get challenged.
“Isn’t that what social movements are about? Isn’t that what trade movements are about? Isn’t that what our democracy is about?” It was also pointed out to Mr Corbyn that China’s economy had grown since it made a series of market-based reforms. “I’m not going to give you the Chinese economy, absolutely not,” said Mr Corbyn. “I’m just making the point that China has grown massively, it’s economy has grown, since 1949 and then after the death of Mao and the great leap forward and so on. “It has taken a lot of people out of poverty. There are however, in China, massive issues of environmental destruction and degradation, as well as a massive issue of human rights.”