Rajpal Yadav: A talented artist, a humble personality


Many people have the desire to be an excellent actor and play different characters where they can satisfy their acting thirst. I had the honour to interview a brilliant actor who can play any character with his versatile acting, starring in films like Jungle, Main Meri Patani Aur Woh, Chup Chup Ke, Kal Ho Na Ho and many more. Rajpal Yadav, a down to earth and very humble personality.
Q: From theatre to film, before NSD what was in your mind?
Rajpal: There was nothing in my mind, I was a student and trying to get different opportunities. I was very curious and wanted to do something new and I was very sure that I will do something different.
I was searching for something new and in 1989/90 there was an election after passing high school which I participated and I was going out to campaign everywhere and on the same time I was doing theatre. I participated in a workshop organised by the local government and it was a play and my character was the main lead; after I finished the play thousands of people clapped for me and that was the point I decided that I will be an actor. I then joined BNA and I started my acting journey.
Q: Many people come to Mumbai from different acting institutes but very few can get the chance to succeed. What were your thoughts if you failed, did you have a second option?
Rajpal: No there was no second option. There was no ifs or buts, I was very clear in my mind that this is my destiny. It was one way and no other option.
Q: How do you look at success and failure?
Rajpal: I don’t know what success and failure is.
Q: You have an unique acting style, you don’t copy anyone- how did you maintain that individuality? You said once that Charlie Chaplan is a creative God.
Rajpal: Yes the creativity of Charlie Chaplain is on another other level and no one can touch that height of perfection in silent movies; I think everyone in the entertainment industry copied him in some way so that’s why I can say he is a creative God. He never copied anyone but the world copied him, I studied him very well and I am very inspired by him but I cannot copy him, when you’re inspired by someone, you don’t copy. I need to first utilise my acting passion and I love myself, whatever I do is Rajpal Yadav original style.
Q: Are you a perfectionist?
Rajpal: No I am a learner. I always learn new things, like kids they make mud huts and next day they make another hut, I am like that kid.
Q: Share your experience working in Hollywood?
Rajpal: There is a huge difference in terms of discipline, their conviction and ours is different and their system is strong. We have a lot of talent in India and we have a huge cultural variety, we don’t need to copy anyone but we are taking things for granted.
Q: You are working from 1997 and you received only two awards? Don’t you think there is some injustice?
Rajpal: Whatever I got is real and if I don’t its a dream. I have never worked with Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Amir Khan, Suhash Gai and after not working with them and many more I am still getting appreciation and love from all of you sitting overseas- that I consider myself very lucky. I always thank you [my fans] and my God that whatever I have, I am very happy and satisfied. I am a fighter.
Q: Which movies are releasing in 2018?
Rajpal: First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to you all [my fans] for Judwaa 2, to make it a successful movie and appreciate my work. I always respect my audience. For the past 2/3 years, I have heard around 300 subjects and out of these I selected 36 subjects and from now till 10 years if you see me in cinema those are the subjects I am working on. The David Dhawan film planning is going on and also 2/3 films which I have lead role in are coming out this year and I think 2018-19-20 you will see good movies of Rajpal Yadav.