Mallika Sherawat denies media reports of eviction from Paris flat


PARIS: Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat has denied media reports that she and her husband have been evicted from an apartment in a posh part of Paris for failing to keep up with the rent.
It was reported that a French court has ordered that Mallika Sherawat be evicted from an apartment in a posh part of Paris for failing to keep up with the rent.
In a December 14 ruling seen by AFP news agency on Tuesday, the court told Sherawat and her French husband Cyrille Auxenfans to pay 78,787 euros ($94,000) in rent owed and expenses, giving the green light for their furniture to be seized.
The couple began renting the apartment in the pricey 16th district on January 1, 2017, for a monthly sum of 6,054 euros. But according to the owner they never paid the rent, making only a single payment of 2,715 euros.
At a hearing in a Paris court on November 14, a lawyer for the couple said they were in financial difficulty. The lawyer emphasised the “irregular” nature of Sherawat´s work — an argument dismissed by the owners of the apartment who claimed she had earned tens of millions during the rental period.
Mallika Sherawat has wondered why her name is being dragged into what’s happening in a city she hasn’t visited for eight months.
“I have said this before and I am saying it again – I do not own or rent any apartment in Paris! So where is the question of eviction?,” Sherawat said. “I have never had any financial dealings in Paris ever. I have no bank account in Paris. I have an Indian passport and I am an Indian citizen. So what is this nonsense about eviction?”
“I am staying in Mumbai. In fact, I recently shot for an episode of Entertainment Ki Raat (reality television show) which was telecast last week. I haven’t been to Paris in the last eight months! Anyone following me on my social media would have known this. Even my passport would say the same,” Sherawat added. “I am not married to Cyrille Auxenfans. I have cleared the air on this earlier as well. He is a big businessman in Europe and I have nothing to do with his real estate business dealings. Why should my name be dragged with what’s happening in Paris?”
According to a Daily Mail report, Bollywood star and international model Mallika Sherawat and her tycoon husband have been evicted from their luxury Paris apartment because of £70,000 rent arrears. Ms Sherawat, 41, often described as a multi-millionaire, and Cyrille Auxenfans, 47, rented the £6000-a-month flat all last year, but beyond an initial payment of £2400 they reportedly paid nothing.
Despite documents filed in the 16th arrondissement district court in the French capital being shown to news agency AFP, Ms Sherawat tweeted that the allegations were all fabricated. She stated: ‘I hv said it before & I am saying it again, I DO NOT OWN or RENT any apt in Paris! I have been in Los Angeles and India since last 8 months, I DO NOT live in Paris, ps do not spread false rumours!’
Nobody can be kicked out of property during the winter months in France, but efforts are already being made to seize the couple’s furniture, following the court ruling against Ms Sherawat and Mr Auxenfans, a well-known and highly successful Paris businessman.
Ms Sherawat, whose real name is Reema Lamba, has achieved success in Hollywood, as well as Bollywood. She was in the 2010 film Politics of Love, which is about a campaign team getting involved in romances during Barack Obama’s presidential run-in. In mid-December the actress had denied having a Paris apartment. “It´s absolutely not true, if someone has donated one to me, please send me the address,” she tweeted in response to media reports about the case. The couple may appeal the eviction order. They cannot be thrown out until March 31, when a moratorium on wintertime evictions expires.