King Salman reaffirms support for Palestinian cause


JEDDAH: King Salman has reaffirmed Saudi Arabia’s support for the Palestinian people to establish an independent state. The king, in a phone conversation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, stressed the Kingdom’s firm position on the legitimate rights of Palestinians and their wish to have Jerusalem as their capital. Abbas thanked King Salman for his support for Palestine and its people and for supporting their cause.
Meanwhile, the King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives (Darah) has released a documentary, “The Call of Nobility,” about the Saudi Army in Palestine in 1948. The film was published on the foundation’s official YouTube channel and announced on its official account in Twitter.
It tells the story of Saudi Arabia’s role in the Palestine issue and its participation with the Arab forces to save Palestine from the Zionist occupation in 1948, where the Saudis performed well and a number of them died. The film includes interviews and meetings with Saudi and Arab historians and writers, and with Saudis who shared their memories about their participation in the 1948 war.
King Abdul Aziz had a keen interest in the Palestinian issue and had been a supporter of it and was aware of its importance from the very beginning, according to Yousef Al-Thaqafi, a Saudi historian and writer.
“King Abdul Aziz played a role in the diplomatic field to support the Palestinian issue,” he said. “He sent messages to Western politicians reminding them of the principles of the Atlantic Charter issued during World War II and agreed upon by Western countries. In order to gain their support he reminded them of its principles which say; no territorial changes should be made against the wishes of the people, and people have the right of self-determination and freedom.”