London Mayor urged to overturn ban on ‘Free Balochistan’ adverts

Campaigner Peter Tatchell

LONDON: Human rights campaigners are appealing to London Mayor Sadiq Khan to overturn a ban on adverts drawing attention to killings in a troubled province of Pakistan.
Transport for London has ordered “Free Balochistan” campaign adverts to be removed from London taxis and buses and three new advert proposals were turned down before Christmas. Campaigner Peter Tatchell blasted TfL’s decision as “censorship” and claimed the desert region was suffering at the hands of the Pakistani government.
He called on the Mayor to “support the oppressed people of Balochistan”. A spokesman for the Mayor said the adverts did not comply with TfL guidelines as they contained controversial messages and images. A spokesman for the PHC in London said: “The accusation that Balochistan is suffering at the hands of the Pakistani government is based on poor information and biased views.”