US tells Pakistan ‘concrete steps’to take aid


WASHINGTON: The United States has told Pakistan what it must do if it wants Washington to resume paying out hundreds of millions of dollars in security aid, the Pentagon said on Monday.

Col. Rob Manning

“Our expectations are straightforward,” Pentagon spokesman Colonel Rob Manning told reporters. “Taliban and Haqqani leadership and attack planners should no longer be able to find safe haven or conduct operations from Pakistani soil.”
Last week, President Donald Trump froze payments from the “Coalition Support Fund” for Pakistan, worth $900 million, claiming Pakistan is not doing enough to target Afghan Taliban and Haqqani group bases. The coalition funding is set aside to refund Pakistan is pending on counter-terrorist operations. Also in question is almost $1 billion of US military equipment that has allowed Pakistan access to advanced military technology.
“The United States has conveyed to Pakistan specific and concrete steps that it could take,” Mr Manning said. He further said; “We stand ready to work with Pakistan to combat terrorist groups without distinction.
We will continue these conversations with the Pakistani government in private.” Pentagon officials are watching to see if Pakistan is going to retaliate against the US by cutting supply lines to US troops from Karachi into Afghanistan. So far, Mr Manning said, there was no sign Islamabad was preparing to take that course of action.