Self-determination is inalienable right of Kashmiris; says Masood


ISLAMABAD: President Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan has said that the United Nations has admitted the just right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people which is their inalienable right and the struggle will continue till Kashmiris are free from the shackles of the Indian Occupation forces.

ISLAMABAD:Sardar Masood Khan President Azad Jammu and Kashmir addressing a seminar on the “Students’ role in achieving the Kashmiris Right to Self-Determination” organized by the Kashmir Students Federation at the Federal Urdu University.

The President made these remarks while addressing a seminar on the “Students role in achieving the Kashmiris Right to Self-Determination” organized by the Kashmir Student Federation the Federal Urdu University here.
President Azad Kashmir said that India claims that Kashmir is a forgotten issue but even today Kashmiris are sacrificing their lives and paying for their freedom with their own blood. The Indian government, he said, has demonized the struggle of te innocent Kashmiris as acts of terrorism and are playing the victim card. The President asserted that India is attempting to remove Kashmiris from the equation. He added that they are an integral part of the issue and only they can decide their political destiny.
President AJK said that India is propagating a false narrative by claiming the matter as a bilateral issue between Pakistan and India. This, he said, is a negation of the UN resolutions which clearly state that the Kashmiris have the right to a free a fair plebiscite to practice their right to self-determination. President Masood Khan said that after the martyrdom of Burhan Wani, India unleashed brutal force upon the Kashmiris and openly murdered of Kashmiris, maimed thousands of protestors with pellet guns, dishonored the women folk and have used malicious tactics to transform the demography of Muslim populated areas.
President said the people and leadership of Jammu and Kashmir had made a conscious decision to accede to Pakistan on 19th July 1949. He said it was our duty to fulfill the aspirations of our leadership and its people by continuing our efforts for the just resolution of this issue. “We will not compromise on our just right to self-determination”, he said. He said that the AJK Government is focusing on infrastructure development, education, tourism, industrial growth, extractive industry, and agriculture. Under the CPEC, he said, four exclusive projects have been identified for AJK which include the Korat Hydro Power Project, Kohala Hydro Power Project, Mansehra-Mirpur Expressway and a state of the art Industrial Zone in Mirpur.