Police seize over £17m from criminals


BIRMINGHAM: West Midlands Police has seized more than £17 million from criminals. A huge total of £17,026,411 was stripped from drug dealers and fraudsters across the region over the last five years in a bid to show offenders ‘crime doesn’t pay.’
From April 2012, financial investigators working in the Economic Crime Unit have been recovering cash obtained from criminal activities under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
Just over £9 million was recovered from drug dealers and fraudsters following court convictions and the best part of £8 million was seized from suspects who failed to prove how they had acquired the cash.
West Midlands Police kept around £6.5 million of the total with the Home Office, CPS and courts also receiving a share of the cash. And the millions retained by West Midlands Police is ploughed into the Police & Crime Commissioner’s Active Citizens fund and spent on crime prevention or community projects.
Detective Sergeant Adam Keen from the Economic Crime Unit, said: “POCA is a really important police power: not just because it allows us to put much needed money into police projects but because it sends out a strong message that crime doesn’t pay. “Criminals may think they can ride out their time in jail and their ill-gotten gains willstill be waiting for them upon their release.