Nawaz says “Allah has taken a job from him in Saudi visit”


ISLAMABAD: Avoiding going into details, ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif has said that he is grateful for blessing that Almighty Allah has taken a job from him in Saudi Arabia. Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, he said “Allah nay meray say ek bohat acha kaam liya hay (God chose me for a noble task)” is what he told his close aides. Mere this one sentence negates the impression created in his absence Asif he was there to broker a deal for himself, said one source.

ISLAMABAD: Ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif addresses a press conference in Islamabad on Wednesday.

This is indicative of the fact he was not there for personal business. Instead, he was there to play his role on an issue related to others. Although Nawaz Sharif was hesitant to discuss details even with close aides, what has come out so far indicates that Sharif brothers were called in for mediation between two Muslim countries which have been at odds with each other for quite sometime. As Sharifs have excellent relationship with the leadership of both the countries, this put them in a unique position to play role in mending their differences.
Warning to opponents Nawaz Sharif has warned the establishment of exposing things if alleged plans to implant political blue-eyed does not stop. The besieged PML-N president, who returned from a much speculated visit to Saudi Arabia, addressed a press conference here at Punjab House on Wednesday, and criticised the apex court’s disqualifying him but letting PTI chief Imran Khan off the hook.
Talking in the backdrop of the ongoing tiff in Pak-US relations, he claimed that a civilian government would never have “sold itself” to the Americans in the post-9/11 scenario the way a dictator did. Earlier he also spoke to the media after appearing before the Accountability Court, which is hearing corruption references against him and his other family members, and he made a scathing criticism on his unnamed enemies.
Nawaz believes that the military establishment in collusion with the top court and some opposition elements, especially the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, is out to mitigate him completely from the political scene, but he won’t ever name it explicitly. This is not the first time the ruling party chief, whose position as PML-N president too has been challenged in the Supreme Court, has issued the threat of laying things about political wheeling dealing bare.
Days after he lost premiership as a result of the July 2017 judgment in Panama case, he led a rally from Islamabad to Lahore during which he kept saying he would spill the beans if the establishment did not stop the alleged politico-legal attack against him and his family, though he never revealed any such thing. Now, once again he is crying foul and has threatened to expose the whole ‘game plan’ of getting engineered results in upcoming general elections if the covert moves of establishment are not stopped forthwith. He said that he remained prime minister of this country thrice and privy to so many things. Referring to the chequered electoral history of the country, he said that the first elections following the creation of Pakistan were held after 23 years.
Since then, he said, political manipulation and tampering with the electoral process remained a routine. This was why the results of all the elections were either rejected or seen with suspicion, which caused enormous damage to the country, including the secession of East Pakistan in 1971, Nawaz added. “Even today the same rule has been followed… [that is]stop the way of a political party and pave the way for a ladla [political favourite],” he said in an apparent reference to PTI chairman Imran Khan. “Plans of putting those without any proven record of public welfare and development, who depend upon politics of lies, allegations and sit-ins, who are already rejected by the masses, into power should not be made anymore,” said Nawaz Sharif.
Trump’s tweet During his talk, Nawaz , referring to the US President Donald Trump tweet as unreasonable and unacceptable, said that a head ofstate must know the rules of engagements with another state partnering it in war against terror. He said had there been an elected government instead of a dictatorial regime in 2001 the nation’s integrity and self-respect would not have been trampled in such a fashion. Nawaz Sharif said currently an elected government was in place so no one can scare the country with a single phone call. Soon after coming into power in 2013, PML-N had taken tangible steps against terrorism and launched operation Zerb-i-Azb which had broken the backbone of terrorists, he added. He said that he would ask Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to make such arrangement as would end country’s reliance on the US aid so that such attacks on Islamabad’s self-respect and integrity could not be made in future.