Labour Party will form next government: Shokat Ali


LONDON: ‘Muslim Friends of Labour’ has reassured its unconditional support to Labour Leader Jeremy Corbin in fulfilling the task the party has handed over to him.
Ch. Shokat Ali, Chairman, MFoL, said in a statement that Jeremy Corbin has very rightly stated that the next government in Britain would be of Labour Party and he would be the next prime minister of the country. “Conservative Party and its government have disappointed the people as their grievances and day to-day problems have not been resolved.

Ch. Shokat Ali

This is the high time to change the government and bring a radical change in the system which can be brought by only Labour Party”, he commented. Ch. Shokat was convinced that people would bring Labour party into government without any doubt. “Tory Government has experienced the hard hitting failures in the NHS accusing Prime Minister Theresa May of “recklessly” putting the NHS at “risk” and failure to meet waiting time targets were endangering lives. Ch. Shokat Ali said that Tory Government should confirm that all targets will be met in 2018 and the people would get relief otherwise Labour Party would accomplish this task after coming into power after general elections.