Trump’s decision clear message of hostility to Muslims: MCB


LONDON: The Muslim Council of Britain has condemned President Trump’s declared intent to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Harun Khan, Secretary General of the Muslim Council

The decision is a confirmation that there is little or no appetite to desire peace in the Middle East or give any sense of justice to the Palestinian people. The declaration also sends a clear message of hostility to Muslims around the world who consider Jerusalem to be one of the holiest cities in Islam. Harun Khan, Secretary General of the Muslim Council if Britain said: “The World, and in particular the Palestinian people, have looked up to the US to be an honest broker of peace in the long standing Israel-Palestinian conflict. While from time to time questions have been raised about the US’ role in the peace process, no US administration has threatened to be so partial against the prospect of a viable Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem. Should the US move ahead with this destructive move, it will kill all possibilities of a just and viable Palestinian state.
Those in Israel opposed to peace have long aspired to have their capital in Jerusalem. However, this is contrary to the global consensus and will only embolden an aggressive Israeli state which has shown complete disregard for international laws. Their land grabbing in the form of illegal settlements continues unabated against the will of the global community, and this move by the US will effectively reward illegal Israeli settlement and thwart the rightful dream of the Palestinians to have a viable state of their own. Ahundred years ago a tripartite combination of imperial geopolitical interests, led to the culmination of Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour’s Declaration, which fudged the issue of the rights of the inhabitants of Palestine, and has caused conflict and suffering since.
President Trump’s pledge to relocate the US Embassy to Jerusalem is a similar exercise of power and opportunism, and the Muslim Council of Britain urges our Government to place clear blue water between itself and this trouble-making decision. We must commit to retaining our Embassy in Tel Aviv and convey disgust at this violation of UN resolutions on the status of Jerusalem”. He continued, “In a year that we marked 100 years of the Balfour declaration, a reminder of our country’s pivotal role in this conflict, we demand that our government stands firm to oppose such a move from our historically closest ally, the US. We further call upon our Prime Minister to re-affirm the British position that it will not support the move to make East Jerusalem as capital of Israel.”