AJK President accuses India of using ‘chemical weapons’ in J&K

ISLAMABAD: Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan addressing conference entitled, “Human Rights Violations in India Occupied Kashmir: Our Responsibilities” held at Kashmir House to mark the International Human Rights Day.

ISLAMABAD: AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has claimed that Indian security forces are using “chemical weapons” against civilians in Jammu & Kashmir. He was delivering a speech in Islamabad to mark International Human Rights Day, said that there have been a number of deaths due to the use of chemical weapons in J&K.
Earlier this year, the Foreign Office also tried to draw attention towards the use of chemical munitions against civilians in J&K. It was the first time that such a serious allegation had been levelled by Pakistan against India.
A series of international treaties, specifically the Chemical Weapons Conven tion, prohibits the use of chemical weapons not only in international armed conflicts but also non-international armed conflicts rather in all circumstances.
Sardar Masood Khan also claimed that attempts are being made to change the population ratio in Kashmir. Earlier this week, the AJK president had claimed that the demographics in J&K are being manipulated with an ulterior motive to harm Kashmiris’ freedom struggle.
In addition to the violation of the rights of Kashmiris in J&K, Khan said that crimes against humanity are also being committed there. “The international community has not played its role in solving the Kashmir dispute,” he said, adding that during his recent trip to Brussels and Washington he emphasised the need for a solution to the Kashmir dispute. He emphasised that in order to find the solution, Pakistan must remain strong.