Irfan Khan felicitated at Dubai Festival


This is the time of the year where everywhere you can see awards ceremonies either India, Dubai, UK and the big one will be in LA and then beginning of the year Oscars.
Irfan khan is a big name of the Indian industry and he proved himself with his various kind of roles and characters he played in movies and received appreciation within the industry and outside too. Recently he received an award in Dubai.
The 14th Dubai International Film Festival kicked off Wednesday and the red carpet was graced by top western, Arab and Bollywood talent. Irrfan Khan was honoured for his “incredible body of work” at this much-awaited film festival which year on year sees the who’s who of international cinema gracing the festival.
Irrfan Khan was present at the festival to accept the award and was elated to be receiving this honour alongside the likes of great actors like Patrick Stewart and Cate Blanchett. The opening ceremony of this Festival saw both Cate Blanchett and Irrfan Khan presented with honorary awards, alongside Sir Patrick Stewart and Egyptian writer Wahid Hamed.
Speaking about this Irrfan said, “I have been to several film festivals but this one was special because of Cate Blanchett, whom I’m personally a big fan of was present on the same platform. It was an exciting moment for me to be recognised alongside someone as talented as Cate. I’m thankful for the festival to have honoured me”.
We wished him all the best in his future projects and hope to see more of his good work.