Pakistan: ‘Greater plan’ in offing


“Govt looks not completing its tenure, something to happen drastically different from 2002 and 2008, what’s happening now has never been witnessed before but no chance of martial law”: Ayaz Sadiq

Nation special report

ISLAMABAD: In prevailing uncertain political situation in Pakistan, the National Assembly speaker Ayaz Sadiq has said that he does not see the assembly completing its tenure as “what’s happening now has never been witnessed before”.
“I am not an astrologer… I hope it [the National Assembly] completes its constitutional term but I don’t foresee it happening,” he told a news channel when asked about the assembly completing its five-year tenure. “I feel something is about to happen… things are drastically different from 2002 and 2008 and he was seeing a ‘greater plan’ in the offing.”
He said all the opposition parties except one intended to see the government completing its tenure. “Hopelessness is a crime, but for the first time in my political career now I am disheartened. Whatever was happening was not only damaging one institution but the entire country.

NA Speaker Ayaz Sadiq

The prevailing situation is not normal, but unnatural. Pakistan is surrounded by enemies,” he maintained. Ayaz Sadiq said this at a time when PTI Chief Imran Khan once again reiterated his demand for the early elections.
He stressed on holding early general election saying, “It is better for the government to hold elections as early as possible.” He further said that a “fresh mandate” was needed to bring stability in the country as the federal government had failed to fulfil its duties.
Ayaz Sadiq while referring to the continuing political saga in the country following the ‘botched’ Faizabad crackdown as well as the situation arising after the release of the Model Town inquiry report.
While the Pakistan Tehreeke-Insaf has called for early elections, the Pakistan People’s Party and the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) have demanded resignations of Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah for their alleged involvement in the Model Town tragedy, in which 14 PAT workers were killed in June 2014.
Speaker Ayaz Sadiq said continuity of democratic system was pivotal for strengthening institutions in the country, but expressed fear that he does not see the [incumbent] assembly completing its tenure. Everyone should give preference to national interests instead of focusing on personal benefits.
The NA speaker, however, dismissed any possibility of a martial law being imposed on the country, saying the current situation was “worse than the Musharraf regime but there is no chance of martial law”. He said all political parties except one wanted the government to complete its five-year constitutional term for the continuity of the democratic system.
“PPP is a mature political party and it has always wanted that the system should not be derailed,” the NA speaker said, adding that the present government should be allowed to complete its constitutional term. Sadiq said Pakistan was facing both internal as well as external challenges and there was a need to display unity to confront them. He said people of the country were the real judge and they will review the performance of the PML-N government in the next general elections.