Jailed lawyer Mohammed Ayub struck off after admitting role in the issuing of false divorces


BRADFORD: A former managing partner of a Bradford law firm, who is serving a prison sentence for fraud, has admitted his role in the issuing of false divorce certificates.

Mohammed Ayub

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal found that Mohammed Ayub, 56, had failed to supervise a work experience student who provided three couples with falsified decree absolutes while working at Chambers Solicitor in Grattan Road, Bradford from 2010 to 2012, the Asian Image has reported. In two of the cases, the parties involved only became aware of the deception after going on to unwittingly commit bigamy.
In addition to his conviction of fraudulently claiming tens of thousands of pounds from the Legal Aid Agency, the tribunal heard that Ayub has admitted failing to supervise the conduct of divorce proceedings at Chambers, where he was sole equity partner, by a work experience student, known only in reports as ‘Anna’. Police investigated five separate cases ofsuspicious decree absolutes involving Chambers between 2008 and 2012. In two casesthe documents did not relate to the parties involved, and in one case, the documentsimply did not exist.
The tribunalreportstatesthat all three documents, which were purported to have been issued at Bradford County Court, were “therefore forgeries”. In one case in 2010, a client was handed an envelope in the reception of Chambers offices and told their divorce was finalised. Believing that to be genuine, the clientremarried inBangladesh the following year.After returning to UK in 2012, an application was made to to the UK BorderAgency for a visa to allow their new partnerto enterthe country.The application was refused as the decree absolute provided was confirmed as a fake.