Pankaj Tripathi – an excellent actor of Bollywood


Pankaj Tripathi is an excellent actor who started his film career with the movie Run in 2004, since then he has worked in more than 40 movies and over 60 TV series, his films include Masaan, Dilwale and Newton which has been nominated for an Oscar.
Sometimes an actor works on many films but their parts go unnoticed by the audience but one day a film can give high recognition to the character. Pankaj Tripathi made his mark after Gangs of Wasseypur, he is now known for his representation as a villain.
Q: Tell us about your journey to become an actor.
Pankaj: I am from a small village in North Bihar, no one knows or is connected to art or film there. They don’t know anything about the industry and it was just my sheer destiny. Somehow I started acting and came to Patna to do theatre, I then went to school in Delhi and from there came to Mumbai. It is like a dream sequence and an interesting journey.
Q: In your village there was no electricity to watch TV or no theatre for film, then how you did you enter the glamour industry?
Pankaj: I was not into cinema and am still not even today; I came into the industry to survive as an actor, I enjoy working in a theatre but I hardly watched films- I think in total I have probably only watched more then 40 films till now. In theatre there was no money and that made it hard to survive, so I came to Mumbai to earn money, I am not fan of any Star.
Q: How was your families reaction when you joined the film industry?
Pankaj: My father wanted me to become a doctor, so when I chose acting he asked me if i could survive as an actor and I said yes then he said okay. We are a simple family, my father is a farmer and Pundit.
Q: Do you think to join a film Industry or as an actor you need to join any institute or school?
Pankaj: Yes it is important and necessary to go to an institute and learn the art of acting but it has to be a good art school not a crash course for few months. Like to go to any profession you need a proper study and training similarly you need study for art.
Q: How did you adjust in the industry?
Pankaj: I have still not adjusted in the industry, I still feel as if I am a misfit. I don’t go to parties or gatherings and there are very few people I can relate to- otherwise after shooting finishes within an hour I leave the place to come home. I don’t have anything to talk about or to share so I am still adjusting..
Q: You played the role of a villain in Gangs of Wasseypur, was that for survival?
Pankaj: It is for survival for sure because I did one scene or half to get work, I was not in the movie as an actor to be launched so whatever role was coming my way I was doing that role- now I am in position that whatever I want to do I will do.
Q: How do you feel that your movie Newton was nominated for an Oscar?
Pankaj: I am very happy, my role is very interesting in the movie I created that role, I created some humour in the character of a villain. I am very excited and happy for Newton’s nomination.

Pankaj Tripathi with his father (farmer) Pandit Banaras Tiwari and mother Hemwanti

Q: Tell us about your experience working with stars like Shahrukh Khan and Rajinikant in the film Kaala?
Pankaj: I never feel nervous, i just do my work quietly without any stress or pressure. If you see water and you throw a stone then you can see some movement otherwise it is calm and quiet- for me work is like that calmness. I was not that calm before but I became more calm with training and reading books. I am not an ambitious person and no bigger demands from life.
Working with Rajinikant is brilliant because I always wanted to meet him, I like him because the way he is in real life is very humbling and simple. I am inspired by his personality and the person he is.
Q: Fukrey returns releasing soon tell us about the film
Pankaj: Fukrey returns is a very interesting and entertaining film, my role is very interesting and hilarious I hope the audience will like it.
Q: What are your future projects?
Pankaj: I am doing a series called Mirzapur, and also a Dharma production film called Drive releasing in March with Sushant Rajput and Jacquline.