Mahira Khan has some pretty amazing wedding plans


KARACHI: After getting her big break in Bollywood alongside Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Raees’, Pakistani film and TV actress Mahira Khan hasn’t seen the same glory, as her latest movie ‘Verna’ has not been well received by the masses.
Mahira has made headlines, as well as has turned a lot of heads, but not for the nicest reasons. The actress was practically bullied on social media for her viral pictures with Ranbir Kapoor but like the phoenix she is, Mahira rose from the ashes. The actress promoted her movie ‘Verna’ almost everywhere, all local channels, universities, events and everything amidst this controversial time. At one of these events, Mahira was asked what kind of wedding she would like to have – a grand wedding in Lahore or Karachi or an intimate wedding with close friends and family.
“It’s my wedding, I can go anywhere I want. I want a destination wedding if I ever get married again. Maybe up north will be nice,” Pink Villa quoted the actress. Mahira has a son Azlan Askari from her first marriage with Ali Aksari. The couple called it quits soon after Mahira initiated her career in dramas and movies.
Meanwhile, Mahira Khan was literally a subject of national debate in her country when photos of her and Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor enjoying a cigarette went viral on the Internet. The pictures were taken outside a hotel in New York in June earlier this year.
Once the photos surfaced online, Mahira was bombarded with hate posts. She was trolled for wearing a short backless dress and smoking a cigarette in Ranbir’s company.
When City Times met the Humsafar star over the weekend, the actress told us that she came out a stronger person after the online assault. “I was quiet initially, but I was definitely not laughing over the controversy. It is personal for sure. The reason I responded to the trolls is because something very personal to me became public. So, I felt, ‘Okay, let’s just put it out there.’ For anybody being harassed and the issue becoming a national debate, it’s not a nice thing. I don’t know what made me do this, but I thought that I am going to take this on the chin and I am going to move forward,” said the actress.
“It takes strength, but when you are hit with something and when you are in the storm, you fight it out. It is not that you are stronger than him or her. It is just that you walk out of the storm and you are going to do your best to swim out of it. And once you come out, you are stronger and more evolved. I think that nobody should define you – if anything then you should define yourself. I learned during that period who I was, and I will not let anybody define me. Not to say that I don’t take criticism and all of that,” she added.
Mahira was in Dubai to promote her film Verna, out in the UAE theatres. The story deals with the subject of harassment faced by a rape victim. This is her second film with critically acclaimed director Shoaib Mansoor. “When Shoaib calls you, it is hard to refuse. I am a big NO sayer. But once I was told the story, I wanted to be part of the movie, though it wasn’t an easy film for me to do,” the actress said.