Omar calls ATFI chief as ‘idiot’ for offering award to cut Farooq’s tongue


SRINAGAR: Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Tuesday called Anti-Terrorist Front India (ATFI) chief Viresh Shandilya “an idiot” after he offered Rs 21 lakh to anyone who cuts off National Conference president Farooq Abdullah’s tongue for his alleged pro-Pakistan remarks. “Guy doesn’t have two nickels to rub together & he’s offering 21 Lakhs. Idiot!,” tweeted Omar, who is son of Dr Farooq Abdullah.

Omar Abdullah

Shandilya had demanded the arrest of the Lok Sabha member from Srinagar for speaking against the RSS, supporting Pakistan and insulting India with his remarks. “Farooq is a big traitor in India and the central government should withdraw the Z plus security to him. I will award Rs 21 lakh to the person who cuts Farooq’s tongue,” he had said.
Farooq had on 11 November said that ‘PoK’ belonged to Pakistan and “this won’t change” no matter how many wars India and Pakistan fought. “I tell them in plain terms – not only the people of India, but also to the world – that the part (of J&K) which is with Pakistan ‘PoK’ belongs to Pakistan and this side to India. This won’t change. Let them fight how many wars they want to. This won’t change,” he had said.
Anti-Terrorist Front India national president and Shri Hindu Takht Rashtriya Pracharak Viresh Shandilya had said he offered Rs 21 lakh prize for cutting tongue of former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah.

Viresh Shandilya

Shandilya said Farooq Abdullah has been speaking against the RSS and supporting Pakistan in his statement. “Farooq Abdullah is a big traitor for India and central government should withdraw Z+ security from him. I will award Rs 21 lakh to the person who cut off Abdullah’s tongue,” Shandilya said in his statement.
On Sunday the opposition National Conference president Dr Farooq Abdullah accused the RSS of colluding with the British during India’s great freedom struggle, supporting Indira Gandhi during emergency and now dividing the nation on communal lines. “By promoting and playing communal politics, the RSS and its off-shoots including the BJP are hell bent to fragment India into bits and pieces,” Dr Farooq Abdullah had said while addressing office bearers and prominent leaders of NC Students Union at Sher-e-Kashmir Bhawan.