Masked burglars beat father, ransack home of £30k jewellery


LONDON: A father today told of his terror after burglars held him captive and ransacked his home for £30,000 of gold jewellery. Market trader Harminder Dhillon, 60, was struck across the legs with a metal bar and punched and kicked as he lay on the floor when four m a s k e d men burst through the back door at 9.30pm. He had been asleep u p s t a i r s after his wife and three children left their £500,000 home in Ilford to attend a temple.

Harminder Dhillon

He told the Standard: “I tried to fight them but there were too many of them. If it was two burglars I think I could’ve beaten them but they just kept hitting me.
“They said they would stab me if I didn’t tell them where the jewellery was. But I didn’t know — even my wife keeps it hidden from me. “I shouted at them ‘If you can find it just take it’.
They left one guy with a hammer to watch over me as they ransacked upstairs.” Mr Dhillon said he was now upgrading his security and pleaded for his family’s valuables to be returned. “My wedding ring has gone and a lot of family heirlooms,” he said. “I’ve worked hard all my life and these scumbags have just taken everything. We know they will try to sell it quick. “I chased them out and saw them drive off. Istill think about it when I’m home alone. It’ sterrifying. All I did wastry to protect my property and they kept beating me.”
The men were dressed all in black, and had English accents. Detective Constable Chris Christoforou said: “This was a terrifying burglary where a man was woken up by intruders who used violence and made off with valuable jewellery of huge sentimental value.” Anyone with information about the November 12 raid should call police on 020 8345 2751 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.