Mohit Madaan – rising star in Bollywood


It was a pleasure speaking with a new rising star in Bollywood, Mohit Madaan, who is the leading star in the upcoming film ‘Aksar 2’ which is releasing on the 17th November 2017. Born in Delhi but brought up in the UAE and New Zealand, Mohit speaks to me about journey to Bollywood and his future plans.
Aksar 2 is a thriller film directed by Ananth Narayan Mahadevan and is the sequel to the 2006 film Aksar. The film star cast is Mohit Madaan, Zareen khan, Guatam Rode, Abhinav Shukla.
Q: New Zealand to Mumbai- did you follow any of your dreams?
Mohit: I wanted to be an actor and wanted to come to Mumbai before but had been stuck to my responsibilities and when the right time came I joined the industry. I worked before as an external auditor and also worked with my father as well but after that I left everything to be an actor.
Q: Did you join any training institute for acting or was this a natural talent of yours?
Mohit: I watched lots of films; in the years 2001/2002 there was not many cinemas showing Indian movies in Auckland, so I would go with my friends on an hour’s drive to the cinema where Indian movies were showing, back those days there was not a huge Indian community in Auckland. I believe that basic training is on the job, I asked hundreds of questions such as how to play my characters from the film director’s vision and I wanted to make sure that I did my job to the best of my ability.
Q: Did you encounter any language barriers or was speaking Hindi fluent for you?
Mohit: No, I didn’t have any language barrier. I can speak fluent Hindi- it’s always because of my mother we always speak Hindi at home. She said outside you can speak whatever language you want but at home always speak your own language which is Hindi.
Q: How confident are you as an actor in the industry?
Mohit: When I started my career I was very nervous in front of the camera, but I think anything goes in life with time. I started to feel more confident over time and now it comes to a point where it doesn’t concern me if I am front of camera. As an actor I am very confident I can perform any kind of character. First of all the script needs to be good, then I decide I will do my best to justify that character, but the most important thing is self believe and if you want something you can always achieve it when you believe in yourself.
Q: Tell us about your struggle, we hear recently about nepotism- does this exist?
Mohit: Nepotism does exist and it will always be there, similarly struggles will always be there whether you are from films background or not. The only difference is if you have a relation within the film industry, then you can get the break you require and your launch with maximum exposure, but having said that there is no success guaranteed, the success you will get only from your talent. The main struggle is to get in to the industry, to get in touch with the right people, right director, right script- this is the struggle and it is an on-going process. Once the film releases, the struggle then begins with how the box office works and then the struggle is to get the next film so there is no end.
Q: How do you deal with failure as your first film was not a box office hit?
Mohit: Yes I was depressed, there are people who can misguide you or put you on the wrong path. I listened to the wrong people and lost my time because of this, but I understand that this is all part and parcel of the game which I chose.
Q: How di d your family react when you left everything for films?
Mohit: When I decided to go for films they were not happy but I am a very determined person and if I decide to do something then I will do it. It took me more than 2 years to convince my parents and they are ok now and they are my biggest support. Slowly slowly things are moving in the right direction and I am a very optimistic person.
Q: Tell us about your upcoming movie Aksar 2, which is a franchise and Aksar was a hit movie. How was the experience working with established artist in the film?
Mohit: There is always a comparison with first film; it is a franchise which no one can change. People will always ask about the first film because the previous film Aksar was a success and the other includes an actor with least experience then others; but I think as an actor you can only overcome all of this by making sure doesn’t affect you and by giving it everything you can. Yes on the first day I was very nervous, it was a scene with Zareen Khan, but they made me feel very comfortable and after the first day everything was smooth sailing.
Q: Tell us about your character in the film?
Mohit: My characters name is Bachaan Singh, it is a thriller film and there are many different shades of grey. All the characters in the film have some grey shades- you should watch the movie and tell me how it was! It’s releasing on the 17th of November, promotion in India is going well and I am now looking forward to the release.
Q: Have you got any future projects?
Mohit: Yes after Aksar 2 there is another movie releasing called ‘Ishq Tera’ which is a pure family film. I have a music video and other films in the pipeline as well! Things are coming my way and I am very happy.