Switzerland bans entry of Mehran Marri


LONDON: Baloch leader in exile Mehran Marri has been barred from entering Switzerland and it is learnt that this ‘entry ban’ would last for ten years. This information is yet to be confirmed. H e tweeted at 7.10 on Thursday, 16th November from Zurich that “Friends, I have been detained at Zurich Airport for the last few hours and feel I am under arrest by Swiss authorities on request of the Pakistan Govt. My wife and children are also with me in detention. Don’t worry, being detained is nothing new for the Balochs. He went on to write; “My father spent many years in far worse conditions, but never have up.The  peacefull & legal struggle for an independent ‘Balochistan free of Pakistani occupation shall continue no matter what the Punjabi generals & babus of that excuse of a country plan. We’ll persevere”.