London meeting pays rich tributes to Allama Iqbal


Nation special report

LONDON: The ‘Poet of East’ Allama Dr. Sir Mohammad Iqbal was a great scholar and thinker of the modern history and the best way of paying homage to him is to live by his philosophy. He dedicated his entire life to creating awareness among the people of Sub-continent and particularly the Muslim community and inculcating sense of responsibility in them. This was stated and echoed by speakers at an event organised by Barking Muslim Social and Cultural Society at Barking Park Hotel here on Sunday to mark the140th birth anniversary of great poet.
In his presidential address, Professor Mohammad Sharif Baqa said that Allama Iqbal stressed in his legendry poetry and philosophy on ‘Takhleeq aur irteqa’ (creation and development) and urged Muslims to understand this message repeated again and again in Holy Qura’n for their guidance. He vehemently refuted the ideology of Darwin saying that the process of creation and development is continued from day first and would continue till dooms day. “God has created the world to serve the humanity and not to worship. Infact, service to mankind is itself a sort of worship and God demands us to follow the rules set by Him and conveyed by his all prophets especially the last Prophet [PBHM]”, Sharif Baqa referred the message of Allama Iqbal adding that Allama Iqbal’s whole philosophy and poetry are based on Qura’n.
Cllr. Abdul Aziz, Mayor of Barking and Dagenham stated that Allama Iqbal has conveyed the holy message of Qura’n to us through his poetry. We are in debt of our ancestors who gave tremendous sacrifices to leave a gift for us that is Pakistan. We all wish for a dynamic leader who take our country and guide us to our determined destiny. M. Sarwar, Chief Editor, The Nation, said that we would have to seek guidance from the spirit of Iqbal’s thoughts for building our present and future.
“Allama Iqbal’s message was the best means of giving direction to the thought process among the youth besides indicating a bright path for them and we all should strive to reach the pinnacle of progress and thoughtfulness like the Shaheen (Falcon) of Iqbal. Barrister Salim Qureshi said that Iqbal’s message was not confined to a particular nation or a country. “The oppressed and deprived people all over the world were benefiting from Iqbal’s philosophy of emancipation and egotism. We must seek guidance from his thoughts in building the national character and for achieving economic development”. Iqbal’s thought were based on belief in Allah, firm resolve and constant struggle which also guide us and encourage us to lead towards a better future. He was the strongest reference of our intellectual traditions who guided the Muslim to a destination at the time when their cultural existence was in jeopardy. Shagufta Nasreen, a human rights activist, highlighted the importance of woman in developing and nurturing the society as advocated byAllama Iqbal. “Awoman is pioneer source of creation and development from a house to whole society. That is the reason, Poet of East gave the importance to women”, she referred.
Prominent author of several books and eminent poet Amjad Mirza beautifully summarised the 61 years of Allama Iqbal’s life in his 12-minute speech and said that Allama Iqbal believed that Muslim Ummah would reach its destiny through a continuous process of evolution and development. While moderating the event, Dr. Zulfiqar Ali referred quotations from Allama Iqbal’s poetry. He Allama Iqbal gave the concept of an independent state and also hinted at the challenges to be faced by the Islamic state. “The great poet and thinker also taught the Muslim states to politically reconstruct their societies to cope with the modern day challenges besides including their citizens in the political process while adhering to the democratic values”, he said. Former mayor of Hackney Sheikh Shujaa, Deputy Leader Newham Council Cllr.
Abdul Karim Sheikh and Riaz Bhatti also addressed the event and highlighted the worthy message of Allama Iqbal. They were of the view that a democratic Pakistan could resolve people’s issues while respecting their opinion and benefiting from their wisdom and Allama’s Iqbal message is most important to follow to accomplish this noble task.
Prominent poets Mehboob Ahmed,Allama Ismail, Syed Iqbal, Raheemullah Shaad, Shahid Iqbal, Aslam Rasheed, Zahid Hussain, Mazhar Hussain, NayeemSulehria, M. Qaiser, Salman Farooq, Saleem Raza and othersrecited their poetry and Allama Iqbal’s thoughtful verses. SyedZaheer Shah hosted the event. Prominent scholar and TV anchor person Aneeq Ahmed was chief guest of the event but he had to fly back to Karachi the same day after getting sad news of death of his mother-in-law. Bashir Choudhary MBE, M. Saleem, Qaiser Abbas, Dr. Farrukh Hussain, M. RasheedRaja Mirza Khan were prominent among guests.