EU must check human rights violations in J&K Masood Khan


ISLAMABAD: AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has said that European Parliament and European Union are bound by the Universal Declaration for Human Rights, European Union Human Rights Commission and EU Charter for Fundamental Rights to create space for paying attention to the promotion and protection of the human rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

ISLAMABAD: AJK President Sardar Masood Khan along with
Dr. Sajjad Karim MEP addresses a joint press conference on Tuesday.

Addressing a press conference with Dr. Sajjad Kareem MEP here on Tuesday, the President said that the European Parliament has been “a fierce defender of human rights”, but when it comes to Kashmir its silence on the suffering of human rights is deafening. The situation, he said has emerged because of India’s policy of using human rights as a bargaining chip for economic transactions. “Compromising human rights for the sake of lucrative economic deals appeases India and encourages it to escalate repressions in Kashmir”, he said. Responding to another question he said that Pakistan and the people of Jammu and Kashmir would succeed only when Kashmir is liberated from India’s occupation. He said, efforts were being made to inform the international community that the Kashmiris were unarmed innocent civilians who are pursuing a peaceful struggle against repression and crimes against humanity being committed by the 700,000 Indian occupation forces.
The AJK President thanked Dr. Sajjad Kareem for his steadfast and resolute support to the cause of Kashmir. He also thanked the United Kingdom, European Union and Pakistan-Kashmiri diaspora community for mobilizing public opinion in support of Kashmir despite huge hurdles created by India.
Dr. Sajjad Karim said that the Kashmiris voice for their rights would not be suppressed by such tactics but it does deepen their plight. The Kashmiris are determined to get their freedom from India as it is their fundamental right, he said adding “We shall support them and will continue raising their voice in European Parliament and other international platforms.