Corruption – unbelievable: PIA did not spare even holy water ‘Zam Zam’


ISLAMABAD: Level of corruption in certain Pakistani institutions is beyond imagine. In meeting of Public Accounts Committee (PAC), it was revealed that officials of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) have made a huge corruption in purchasing ‘Zam Zam’ during Hajj season 2008 which is under investigation.
The meeting of PAC’s sub-committee was held under the supervision of Sardar Ashiq Gopang on Friday here. Members of PAC made observation that PIA mafia has looted the nation even in the name of ‘Zam Zam’ that is why PIA is at the brink of destruction.
In 2008, PIA officials had purchased ‘Zam Zam’ worthy of more than 30 million and corruption surfaced during this purchase. The cost of one cane of ‘Zam Zam’ was 10 riyal where as PIA claimed that it had paid 22 riyal.
Civil Aviation audit objection of 2009-2010 financial year were reviewed during the meeting. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) officials told audit officials that civil aviation loses stood at one billion rupees as recommendations of Civil Aviation Board were not considered and chief commercial marketing officer did not listen to them during leasing agreement of lands and favors were given to private companies.
By allotting government buildings to private companies, Civil Aviation Authority gave loss to exchange to the tune of 150 million rupees.
Civil Aviation has been ordered to recover millions of rupees from Khanani and Kalia Company which were still pending as rent. Officials of Lahore Airport did not recover 10 million rupees recoverable from World Squash.
Scam of selling fake tickets in PIA Canada office also came under discussion during the meeting, PAC has been told that huge amounts have been recovered from those who were selling fake tickets.
PAC was given the record of an amount of 38,000 Dirham kept for deportation of 60 Pakistanis in Abu Dhabi, the meeting ordered to recover the amount immediately. 86,000 Euro were spent on PIA cases and ordered a recovery.
Country manager of PIA had extracted an amount of 28000 USD fraudulently which have been recovered while PIA paid 86000 Euros in different cases across the world.
PIA officials have paid 2,66000 euro to Holland government wrongly as income tax and directions have been issued for its recovery.
For office parking, PIA paid 7,000 euro in foreign countries, despite warnings of government, PIA did not take immigration fee amounting 10000 USD on different Pakistanis.
Due to negligence of officials, PIA paid 162,000 euros as handling, tracking expenses in different foreign countries.
It has been revealed that PIA officials had paid 29 billion and 800 million rupees to different petroleum companies. PSO was given 11 billion and 420 million rupees, Shell company was given 4 billion 330 million, Attock petroleum two billion, Total Parco two billion and Parco was given one billion 660 million rupees.