Britain proud of pioneering role in creation of Israel; says Theresa May


LONDON: Prime Minister Theresa May has said that we are proud of our pioneering role in the creation of the State of Israel. “We are proud to stand here together with Prime Minister Netanyahu and declare our support for Israel.

Prime Minister Theresa May

And we are proud of the relationship we have built with Israel.” Theresa May said this while addressing a dinner here onThursday. She said; “I believe it demands of us today a renewed resolve to support a lasting peace that is in the interests of both Israelis and Palestinians – and in the interests of us all… A peace deal that must be based on a two-state solution, with a secure and prosperous Israel alongside a viable and sovereign Palestinian State.’
She went on to say that there can never be any excuse for antiSemitism in any form, just asthere is no excuse for hatred against Muslims, Christians, or anyone based on the peaceful religions they choose to follow, the place of their birth, or the colour of their skin. She said that this means recognising that there is today a new and pernicious form of antiSemitism which uses criticism of the actions of the Israeli government as a despicable justification for questioning the very right ofIsrael to exist.
‘Thisis abhorrent and we will not stand for it. That is why the United Kingdom has been at the forefront of an international effort to create a new definition of antiSemitism which explicitly calls out thisinexcusable attempt to justify hatred”. ‘Criticising the actions of Israel is never – and can never be – an excuse for questioning Israel’s right to exist, any more than criticising the actions of Britain could be an excuse for questioning our right to exist. ‘And criticising the government of Israel is never – and can never be – an excuse for hatred against the Jewish people – any more than criticising the British government would be an excuse for hatred against the British people”, she emphasised.