Lord Ahmed discusses Rohingya Muslims’ issue with Myanmar envoy


LONDON: Lord Nazir Ahmed held a meeting with Myanmar ambassador in London on Wednesday and discussed the plight of Rohingya Muslims and miserable condition in Bangladesh where they are compelled to live.

LONDON: Lord Nazir Ahmed with Ambassador of the Union of
Myanmar U. Kyaw Zwar Minn after a meeting about the
Rohingya Muslims in Burma on Wednesday.

Lord Ahmed said that there is a significant difference in narrative from the Myanmar Government and the International community observations. He pointed out that over 890,000 civilians have fled violence from Rakhine state in Myanmar, the UN has called it Ethnic cleansing and Genocide.
Lord Ahmed pointed out that he has tabled written questions regarding the International Criminal Court and whether Her Majesty’s Government would support an investigation and prosecution of those responsible for these serious crimes. The Ambassador denied claims that this was an official policy of his government and blamed the violence on terrorism. He also pointed to the Buddhist victims. Lord Ahmed asked the Ambassador to facilitate a fact finding mission to the Rokhine State with NGO’s prepared to donate food to both communities. The Ambassador agreed to ask his Government for permission and agreed to discuss this matter soon again.