Shabnam will play her own superfan in upcoming Pakistani drama


KARACHI: Shabnam fans have been awaiting her comeback on Pakistani screens and it looks like their wait is coming to an end. The veteran actor will be appearing in upcoming TV series Mohini Mansion Ki Cinderella, which will air on Bol Entertainment. It will be directed by Ali Tahir and will feature music by Sahir Ali Bagga.
Stretched over 52 episodes, Mohini Mansion will feature Shabnam as her own superfan!
Writer Fasih Bari Khan tells Images, “Shabnam’s character is going to really fun. Her name is Shabana Jharna, who’s a diehard Shabnam fan! You know the kind who keeps a record of everything their favourite star has done? That kind of devotion. Shabana has grown old but still ‘speaks in dialogues’ like Shabnam did, wears her sari like Shabnam does.”
But Mohini Mansion isn’t just about this eccentric character.
“Like all of my work, this drama is also based on stories of the common man,” Fasih says. “The drama explores the lives of a whole neighbourhood set in 1992 Lahore.” So Shabana’s neighbours will include a 70-year-old former circus artist Daro Masi who used to ride motorbikes around a maut ka kuan (well of death). This character will be played by Feryal Gauhar, who makes an acting comeback after 13 years! Her husband is played by yet another acting veteran, Qavi Khan.
What’s more, the drama will also star model Rubya Chaudhary as Shabana’s daughter in the TV series. The drama will air in January 2018.
Earlier on arrival from Dhaka to Karachi recently, Shabnam, the poster girl of Lollywood in the 1970s, burst into tears while talking about leaving Pakistan and its film industry in the late 1990s.
“It was very painful for me but I did it for my family, especially my father, who suffered from a heart attack in Bangladesh while I was in Pakistan,” said the film star at the literary festival organised by Old Ravians Union (ORU) at Government College University (GCU), Lahore. A session was dedicated to Shabnam titled, ‘An interaction with Shabnam Ghosh’.
“I lived and worked for almost three decades in Pakistan, how could I forget the people who gave me so much love and respect,” she added.
Shabnam feels the film industry was hit by the 1971 war. When asked about the Bangladeshi cinema, Shabnam said: “It is in the same condition as Pakistani cinema nowadays.” But, she was optimistic about the revival of the film industry, saying the new generation was working hard for the cause.
She said the actors were not very demanding when she worked in the film industry, adding that “they were no concept of five-star hotels as they used to stay in tents most of the time during outdoor shooting.”
She said her husband, music director Robin Ghosh, was loving, caring and very understanding and never interfered in her film life, and never asked questions when she came home late from work. Legendary actor Mustafa Qureshi also attended the session moderated by Asghar Nadeem Syed.