Sabah Khan jailed for 22 years for killing sister Saima


LUTON: A 27-year old woman Sabah Khan has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 22 years after admitting the frenzied stabbing of her sister, with whose husband she was having an affair. Sabah Khan stabbed her 34-year-old sister Saima 68 times after luring her home on the night of 23 May 2016, while their parents and Saima’s husband were at a funeral.

Sabah Khan

As Saima’s four children lay in their beds, Sabah plunged a knife all the way through their mother’s neck and arms seconds after she arrived in the hallway of their home in Luton. The court heard how in the midst of the attack Saima’s daughter called out to ask Sabah whether she was killing their mum, and she replied telling them not to come downstairs.

Sabah then smashed a downstairs window and concealed the freshly purchased murder weapon and her clothes in bin liners before calling her parents and police, to whom she claimed at first that her sister had been the victim of a burglary gone wrong.

Saima Khan

Sabah on Tuesday pleaded guilty to murder in a brief hearing at the Old Bailey. The same court heard on Thursday how she had grown increasingly desperate after a longstanding affair with her sister’s husband, Hafeez Rahman, had turned sour.

In WhatsApp messages between Sabah and Rahman read out in court, the defendant referred to her sister as a “bitch” and accused Rahman of marrying her solely for the purpose of obtaining a passport.

One message from Sabah to Hafeez said: “Nothing in the world can change my feelings for you, not even you; no matter how bad you treat me it won’t change anything. Day by day my love gets stronger.”