Serial sex attacker Joginder jailed for 9 years


MANCHESTER: A serial sex attacker, who avoided prison by ‘fooling’ doctors into thinking he was mentally ill, has been jailed atlast for nine years after a judge said he was a ‘threat to womankind’. Joginder Singh, 44, from Manchester, subjected an 83-year old woman to a horrific sex ordeal in January 2015.

Joginder Singh

But he was excused court and sent to a psychiatric hospital after he convinced medics he had a ‘schizoaffective disorder’. Singh had 23 convictions for violence, including seven offences on women. But instead of being incarcerated alongside paedophiles and rapists, he underwent up to two years of psychiatric treatment in which he continued to fake mental illness until the doctors realised he had been making it up.
After finally being jailed at Manchester Crown Court last week, Judge Martin Steiger QC said: ‘The lady has been left deeply stressed and upset by this incident. The defendant has no fewer than 23 convictions for violence and seven separate offences on females on his record.
The court heard the old lady was grabbed after Singh bluffed his way into her home in South Manchester by asking if he could use her phone to book a taxi.  Once inside the property he dragged her upstairs into her own bedroom where he repeatedly forced himself on her – even asking her to make him a cup of tea afterwards.