Maleeha says Kashmir never been part of India


NEW YORK: Pakistan’s permanent ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Dr. Maleeha Lodhi has said that contrary to Indian claim Kashmir has never been part of India adding UN must deliver its pledge of holding a UN-supervised plebiscite in order ‘to enable Kashmiris to determine their political destiny’..
While addressing the UN General Assembly’s special committee on Tuesday Lodhi said that India is using pellet guns on peaceful protestors of Kashmir leading to disability of Kashmiri youth for life after being sightless.
She said Indian wanted to perpetuate its rule on occupied Kashmir through fraudulent elections besides depriving Kashmiris from their right to self-determination through forgery.
The motive behind forged elections is to suppress the rights of Kashmiris, she held. Ambassador said Modi government has unleashed reign of barbarity and brutalities in held Kashmir but brave Kashmiri people will continue their struggle to seek right to self -determination. Talking about Palestine Maleeha said that Pakistan will continue support the freedom struggle of Kashmiris and Palestinians. She said peace could not be ensured in Middle East sans settlement of Palestine issue.